July 15, 2005

I Have Been Tagged!

My mother tagged me!

Here goes!

10 years ago: I was preparing to get married to the most wonderful man in the world. My mom has a better description of this event than I do.

5 years ago: I was the mom of only two small boys and living in south Jersey but preparing to move back to north Jersey.

1 year ago: I was preparing to homeschool both boys using The Well Trained Mind Classical Education model. This was a HUGE undertaking from which I have yet to recover!

Yesterday: I taught a Body Flow class while my mom stayed with the boys. I went to Panera with my mom, sister and all of our boys. The kids were so well behaved and the food was yummy! We went to Babies R'Us and Laurie purchased a baby shower gift for a friend of hers.

Today: I went to the gym and took a kickboxing class. I got out all of my aggression with jab/cross combinations and I feel very relaxed.

5 snacks I enjoy: As if you guys don't already know!! Jelly beans, Twizzlers, Peanut M&M's chips and salsa and poptarts.

5 bands I know most of the lyrics of their songs: Telecast, The Kry, Erasure, Book of Love and U2 (Oops! Are my 80's showing?)

Things I would Do with 100 million dollars: Buy everyone in my family a house wherever they so desire. Send Kevin to a health spa/fat farm (his idea, not mine) college for my boys, an endless supply for my church and I would probably have someone find a cure for gray hair.

5 bad habits I have: I can be sarcastic. Eating the "5 snacks I enjoy" instead of real meals. With my mom on this one, running the truck on empty. I yell too much. Driving too fast.

5 locations I would run away to: Paris, Mexico, Hungary, Ireland and my parents house.

5 things I would never wear: Orthopedic shoes, a thong bikini, a bathing cap with big flowers on it, "Hottie" sweatpants and tights.

5 things I like doing: reading, running, shopping, being with my husband and the boys and scrapbooking.

5 biggest joys of the moment: Hearing Joe talk, especially when he says Jeremy's name and it comes out as "Dewey". Hearing John read to Jeremy. Jeremy's huge belly laugh. The sound of Kevin's voice on the other end of the line. Watching my sister be a wonderful mother.

5 famous people I would like to meet: Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, George and Laura Bush and Mel Gibson.

5 movies I like: Overboard, Jerry Maguire (when T.C. was "normal") Saving Private Ryan, Pollyanna (cheesy, but great) and Forrest Gump.

5 TV Shows I like: Survivor, Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, CSI, Lost and Amazing Race. What did I do before reality television? LOL

5 favorite toys: computer, my shoes, my Tahoe (present from Kevy) my vacuum and my blowdryer. (golly, maybe vanity should be one of my bad habits, sheesh!)

5 people I tag: Cara, Kim , Mamabear and Dy ( I know it's only four but everyone else has already been tagged.)

Be forewarned- this takes longer to do than it looks!


kevin said...

Do you like the sound of my voice before or after the FAT FARM! Can I wear the hottie shorts even though I need to go to the FAT FARM? Will you still love the Tahoe even if I don't go to the FAT FARM? You are so lucky you are beautiful,cute and a wonderful wife and mother. LOVE ya, NOT SO FAT KEVIN.

CMB said...

I do not believe that you yell.

Laurie said...

Oh Cara, Cara, Cara! If you only knew! Check with my kids on this one!!

You are so sweet! :-)

Laney said...

That was me, Laney. We are experiencing some technical difficulties tonight!

Laurie said...

Kev, I love you fat farm or not!!! And yes, you could totally wear the "hottie" shorts!!

Jules said...

You guys are funny!
And I also don't believe you yell- but I was glad to hear it because I do too! Shhh... don't tell anyone. ;)
I hope to have my answers posted soon...

Dy said...


I will try to put these together. I haven't been officially tagged for anything before. Cool!


mamabear said...

you guys are really funny, your house must be one big romper room! :-)

Aren't you so excited about seeing what is going to happen on Lost-since they opened that hatch, and that little boy(can't remember his name) got taken from those bad guys on that boat. And did you know the next season of AR is going to be families (at least I think that's what I heard). I'm so excited. I'm trying not to wish away summer, but there is absolutely NOTHING on tv right now. Even TPIR is boring!
(tee hee)


Chord of Three Strands said...

it looks long enough already! and it's longer??

ryc-- thanks for the note... I guess now Ihave to go read that baking entry...

what are hottie sweatpants?

gina said...

Kevin- You don't need to go to the fat farm- just get some Phat Farm and you'll be cool. (ok- dumb joke- I don't even think it's funny)

I can't believe you and your sister thought of Overboard- that movie is sooo FUNNY!

The Crib Chick said...

"Orthopedic shoes, a thong bikini, a bathing cap with big flowers on it, "Hottie" sweatpants and tights."

Okay, so were you talking about these as an ensemble? Or individually?

ROFLOL! You are too funny...