August 15, 2005

And The Answer Is...

You girls crack me up!!! Thanks for all of the "friendly" reminders to blog, as if I could forget!!

We arrived home very late last night. This morning I had to teach my step class and then I had someone come and look at the house at 11 a.m. They were here for a long time and then I went in the shower, fed the boys lunch and headed out to the store! So here I am with a free minute...

Kevin's interview went really well and he looked very handsome in his blue plaid shirt (he-he.) He called me at 1:45 on Friday afternoon and I was expecting to hear, "Pack your bags, baby, we're moving!" Instead I heard, "They said they would let me know next week." Being the tower of strength and patience that I am, I began to moan, "Tell me you are joking, are you joking, you're kidding right, tell me, PLEASE, tell me you're NOT serious!!" My husband was less than amused at my response and kindly asked me to calm down. I complied and asked him to tell me everything from the beginning. He said that the people that he met with were very friendly and welcoming, the atmosphere was relaxed and he felt very at ease. There were 3 men and one woman interviewing him and, here's the funny part, he knows the woman who was there. She is the Human Resources Supervisor and her brothers went to school with Kevin. After the interview she gave Kevin her business card and told him to call her with any questions. He called her today, to see if maybe she knew anything yet, and he is waiting for her to call him back.

I am wanting to be very frustrated and disappointed but Kevin keeps reminding me that God has never lead us astray and He is faithful. Boy, patience is so hard to learn!

We had a nice time, a busy time, but nice. We looked at a lot of houses, saw one that we loved and found out 35 minutes ago that it is gone! Poof! Just like that someone else bought it. Remember what grandpa used to say, "There's a better one in the deck."

I really wish that I had more to report, but I don't. I'm just very tired and in need of a major caffeine hit. I am going to organize my thoughts and blog something creative and witty tomorrow!

I really appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers from you, my blog sistahs!


Dy said...

I cannot *believe* you got in last night and taught a class this morning. Oy. That makes my fanny hurt just thinking of it.

Trust me, there's a better one waiting. That one was just to whet your appetite and get your imagination going! ;-)

Welcome home!
Dy, totally not a font of patience, myself, but I can fake it for ya if you need a shoulder to whine on.

Jules said...

Thanks for the update. I am sorry you don't have an answer yet! That just plain old stinks. ;)
But Kevin has the right idea in that God won't lead you astray. Boy, it's a hard one to remember, but worth the effort!
I am still praying for you.
Either way, you know you are blessed!
Take care!

Jess said...

Thanks for updating! Next time bring a laptop and blog while teaching your class - what's the matter with you woman?! HAHA yeah right, I'm humbled that you can teach with 3 kids! :-)

I will pray that the week FLIES by for you guys and that the end brings great news. Just as I"m praying that the DAY flies by for Dy, and she hears great news. :-)

RANDI said...

It will all come together soon-the waiting can be challenging, right???

CMB said...

Welcome home! I am glad you are safe and sound. That is great about Kevin's interview. I know it is hard to wait it out, but be strong. That stinks about the house, but that means there is a better one to come!

Jersey Girl said...

Ditto! There really is a better one in the deck. God's got it waiting for you.

mamabear said...

Okay, everybody took all the good comments. :-)

It is so nice to have you back. I, too, am amazed you got in late last night, and then taught a step class this morning. You are a very dependable person.

We are all eagerly waiting to hear the news about the job.
And I'm with ya on the house thing.
When we first moved to this town we are now living in we looked at a lot of houses. We found this perfect house for us. We told our realtor to put in a bid, we later found out that he didn't, he totally dropped the ball. We were so angry. The next day my hubby goes out on his own house-looking and found this one we ended up buying, and it is a much better house than the one we originally wanted. God knew what was best for us, we just couldn't see it at the time. God is good, praise His name.


gina said...

Good things come to those who wait- sorry, I'm a little short on caffeine today. :)