August 10, 2005

A Little of Everything

I have removed the daisy chain and my blog now looks naked! I miss those little ladybugs. (sniff, sniff)

Just a quick update about the electrical fire, nothing was damaged and no one was hurt. Kevin was doing some wiring on Saturday and it was really just a freak thing. We have a very old house and weird things seem to happen with any home improvement project!

On Monday we had no one look at the house, a welcome reprieve! Since the boys have been home, the house is a lot harder to keep in "on the market order." But the upside of that is, my boys are home!!! They had such a wonderful time camping and they came home full of stories about all of their adventures and fun. These boys were born to camp!

Yesterday we had two more people look at the house and one of the couples is interested. It should be an interesting scene on Friday when we call our realtor to say "yea" or "nay" about the job and she then has to call all of these people, who will in turn bid it out. She also said if Kevin does not get the job and we don't sell the house that all of these potential buyers are going to form a lynch mob and come after us! No pressure, Kev!

Last night we had some company, Kevin's childhood friend, his wife and their son all came over for pizza. (This is the couple whose wedding we attended in Colorado.) They came to NJ for Bob's cousin's wedding and are now on, what is being called, the East Coast Tour, visiting all of Bob's family and friends. Bobby's wife, Diane, is so warm and sweet, one of those people that you feel an instant kinship with and their son, who is almost two, is a little darling! We had a terrific visit, full of laughs and reminiscing and wedding pictures (yeah!).

My poor little John was suffering from a headache. He came to me, right after we ate, and told me he felt like he was going to throw-up. We headed to the bathroom and after a minute he said he had to poop. I told him that sometimes we think we are going to throw-up but it ends up coming out the other end. He chuckled. He wanted me to stay with him, which I did, and when he was done, he reached for some toilet paper. He must have unrolled the roll 10 times before I said, "Honey, you don't need so much." He looked at me for a second and said, completely serious, "So that's why we go through a roll in two days." Now, it was my turn to chuckle!

Last night, Kevin and I were laying in bed, and he asked me if he should get a new polo shirt for his interview. I told him that he didn't need to, as he has many nice, short sleeve button downs that are business casual. This turned out to be a conversation in which I was required to do some back peddling!
K: Should I wear the one that I wore tonight?
L: (thinking really hard about what shirt he is referring to) Ummm
K: The one with the blue and green check.
L: Oh.
K: You don't know what shirt I was wearing, do you? I remember that you were wearing your nice turquoise skirt.
L: I was too distracted by your handsome face to notice your shirt!
K: (laughs) You're good.

Yes, I am many things, but naturally observant is not one of them! And, besides, he is handsome!

Tonight we are leaving for North Carolina! Thursday we are looking at houses with our realtor, who is also the pastor's wife of the church we are planning on attending. Friday is the interview and Saturday, maybe more houses and the hotel pool! I am going to try my hardest to get to a computer to let you all know what has happened because I can hear it now, " (whine, whine) We are not going to know anything until Sunday!!!" That's alright, I would feel the same way. If I can't get to the computer, maybe Laurie can post something for me on her blog. She is "Running With Scissors", on my sidebar. Please pray for us, if you are so inclined.

One last thing, my dear friend Meg has started a blog. She called it, "The blog for you"(me) because I am the only one who comments right now. Please stop by and say hello, if you get a chance!


gina said...

You can countdown to my birthday (oct. 7th) lol. ;)
Heading over to meet Meg.

mamabear said...

Want to know a little secret...I can't even remember what my kids are wearing each day. God forbid anything should ever happen to them-I'd be up a creek. My hubby wears the same thing every day-a black t-shirt (he has like 20 of them!), and Army shorts, so if he ever gets kidnapped, I'm good to go.

I will pray for safe travels for you guys. I hope in all of this you have a peace in your hearts, and I pray the Kevin just blows them away. I hope you guys have fun swimming in the hotel pool, and looking at houses.
We'll miss you while you're gone, Laney!

Carrie said...

Will be praying for safe travel and a great interview!

Jules said...

I will be praying for you too! This is too exciting- I can't stand the suspense!
Tell Kevin all he has to do is flash that handsome smile and the job is his! ;)
Good luck and have a safe trip...

Jess said...

You can count down to next years anniversary! ;-) Or the next childs birthday?

I'm glad the boys are back and they had fun! I will be praying hard this weekend for the interview and for all of you to have a safe trip there and back.

LOL@your bathroom conversation and the bedroom conversation. I don't think Geo remembers what I wear unless it's overalls, he has a thing for overalls - guess it's good we're in Oklahoma. ;-) Oh and he usually can tell you the color of anyone's shirt but not their hair - don't ask. ;-)

Oh and our rental is very old and we have wiring problems all the time. I know how that is!

Have a great weekend together!

Meg said...

Thanks for the shoutout for my blog! I got some new comments! YAY! My Mom and friends read it but are still scratching their heads about what a bog REALLY is. I think they are leary of commenting. Oh well, it won't be as lonely in blogland anymore! Thanks Laney...
Thanks for the info on the fire and glad no one was hurt, especially your handsome hubby or any of his memorable shirts! ~wink~ Have a very safe trip and I'm excited to hear what they say. Knock 'em dead Kevin! If, by some strange reason it doesn't work out, you all can come stay with us till the lynch mob calms down..we can serve them brownies, that always helps...(well, me anyway!!)
John is such a cutie! (bathroom conversation)

CMB said...

Have a safe trip and good luck. I love looking at houses!

Dy said...

Oh, have a safe trip! Check w/ your hotel. If they have a "business center", you can use your key to get in there and blog. (Ask me how I know this, right?)


Meg said...

I have gone to your site 2 times today hoping for some news on the Gardner family...duh! I hope your trip went well, you should be there by now (I hope!) Enjoy the pool! ~ Meg

Jody said...

Don't want to lurk... but my mind is numb and I have nothing interesting to say. :)

Jess said...

This is your annoying reminder to blog! ;-)

Jules said...

Laney! Hello?
I am trying to be patient, but we all know that isn't one of my strong points!
We are all dying to hear your news!
Take some time to get settled, get organized, get back into the swing of things, and then...
Blog already! ;)