August 3, 2005

Buyers, Sunbathers and Prisoners

Last night we had more people looking at the house! A lady and her three children came, spent a loonngg time looking and asked if she could bring her husband back today. They came this morning and he was very candid. He told us, "My wife wants your house." The wife said, "It is very clean." (Do I hear a golf clap for my expert cleaning skills?) They are very serious, too. He even asked us if we wanted a quick closing!

The man who came on Friday came again today, he brought a friend for moral support.

We talked to our agent last night and she told us two of the realtors are already writing up offers, one of them being a full price offer. Looks like we will have a bidding war!


Kevin has been home for the past three days because of his back. He is going back to work tomorrow and hopefully he will be alright. He has been laying on the back deck sunbathing and yesterday he came inside and said, "I think I should become a professional sunbather." Now tell me honestly, how does one counter that statement? I simply said, "O.K., whatever you want, sweetie."

I am deeply engrossed in Jonathan Kellerman's book, Monster. I purchased it off of the 12 items for one dollar table at the library book sale a few days ago. It is not my normal fare, but I have really been enjoying it, even though it does has a major creepiness factor. I went to the library and borrowed Reading Lolita in Tehran and The Nazi Officer's Wife as well as The Secret Life of Bees for Laurie.


This morning I went for a run, it was interesting. Did you ever see the Department of Corrections vans with the guys in the orange jumpers who clean the grassy embankments on the road? Well, today I ran past them. It was a little unsettling, to be honest. I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head, the first of which was, "Can I run faster than them?" Kevin has told me in the past they are not going to let the Ted Bundy types pick up trash and wield weed wackers, but it was still a little nerve wracking. Besides, I usually pass them when I am driving my very large, somewhat fast vehicle. I felt vulnerable and unsure, even though there was an armed policeman there. My thought for him was, "How good is your aim?" Suffice it to say, I made it home safely.

Jonathan Kellerman is calling...


CMB said...

You're house is great - of course people want it! As for Kevin, I would love that job too. If he needs a sunbathing computer person he can hire me. I agree with you about the prisoners and have been also told that they are the 'good' ones. I am not convinced either.

Donna Boucher said...

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

Couldn't resist ;o)

I'd be scared too.


I can not believe you good house selling fortune. We sold houses within the last four years and both times we waited six months for one offer. First time we came down 25,000 and the next time we came down 8,000. I can not even imagine selling a house so quickly...for full price!

Jules said...

I am so excited that things seem to be moving quickly with the house! I'll bet you're getting a little nervous? I am praying that Kevin's job prospect pans out and that you find yourselves in NC before you know it! ;)
Will he have more time for sunbathing with this new job?

Dy said...

I literally laughed out loud. Thanks for the laugh. Very cool on the house. :-) Keep us posted.


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

It's God, that's all it can be. When I sold my house in the Spring the same thing happened. Sold it to the first couple that looked at it.
Tell Kevin good luck with his new career (sunbathing), but I hear the pay is pretty bad (~smiles~).
Don't worry about the prisoners (easier said than done I know). They only let the non-violent offenders do this (at least here). The really bad guys are in lock down.
Take care, though. We can never be too careful.
Blessed be...

RANDI said...

Congrats on the home-sale, things are going quickly for you! Pretty soon you will be boxing up the house and the kiddos (well, maybe not boxing them) and heading for your new home!

Jess said...

It would make me a little nervous too but trust me, they don't let the really bad ones out. It's mainly drug offenders or small larceny charges.

LOL@Kevin, sounds like something George would say.

Glad the house is so wanted, how neat for you guys!!!

Meg said...

I agree, it can only be God! What a nice way for Him to let you know that you are in His will. Things just seem to go so much easier when you are! I gave you a mental golf clap....(While clapping my hand over my eyes so as not to be distracted by the toys lying around me!)you are a wonderful housekeeper and you have a beautiful house. (I love your beautiful wood floors!)
So sorry about Kevin...perhaps God knew he needed a bit of a breather before the "big move"! We'll keep him in our prayers for continued healing........................
......I'm sorry......I got stuck on "this morning I went for a run" biggest hurdle this morning is to decide whether to set the A/C on 72 or stick with 70...decisions...decisions
You get an all out "WHOOOHOOO!" for running in 90 degree golf claps for you!

Laurie said...

Hey You!!! Thanks for the book. I just finished. Now I am sad it's over. I sat on the couch and had a good cry. I am not sure over what but I feel better. Is it too late for me to become a beekeeper? Why does that seem like an answer.
I couldn't read the post about N.C.. I am choosing to pretend you will never leave me. Thanks for the pizza tonight. I love you.

gina said...

How exciting! Good for you for making your dreams a reality. :)