August 2, 2005

A Little History

As I was reading all of your comments, I realized that you needed some back story! You all are such astute readers of my normal boring life and I don't even keep you abreast of the exciting stuff! Sorry!! Here goes:

Last week the girl from Progress called and said they want Kevin to come down for an interview and Cast test on August 12th. It was set up as a tentative date and we figured it was just going to be a waiting game. In the meantime, our realtor called and said we should get our house on the MLS because most buyers want to be settled before a new school year begins and July and August are hot months. She put our house on the MLS Thursday night and it was officially on the market.

We had our first looker on Friday, I could not get a read on the guy but our agent said he was interested and wanted to bring his wife back this week. On Sunday we had more people come and the last couple was very interested. They came back last night with their daughter and their agent was asking what was going on with the relocation. I think they really want to put an offer in because they want the house, badly. We are not taking any offers until Kevin has a confirmed job because I don't want to be homeless. Refrigerator boxes are great, but not as homes. (wry grin)

Progress called yesterday and said they wanted to make flight arrangements for Kevin, they were going to fly him down and put him up in a hotel! Well, my stars! He explained that he was going to drive down with the family (that would be me) so we could look at property. She said that was fine and they would still are pay for the hotel. Awesome! Kevin said, "They wouldn't fly me down and put me in a hotel if they didn't think I was a good prospect." Right? Right? Someone say, right!

Kevin got back on the horn with our agent in NC and she is going to line up some property to show us.

Phew! It's so weird. We go along with nothing happening and then - BAM - everything begins at once.

Right now we are in "house on the market" mode. No dishes in the sink, beds made and no underwear on the floor. The one plus to the boys being away is I am able to keep the house neat and orderly and I don't have to scramble when realtors call.

We do like this house but as you saw from the picture, we are right on top of our neighbors. If they need toilet paper, all they have to do is yell out the window and I can hand it to them. O.K. that is an exaggeration but you know what I mean.

Our dream is a 4 bedroom ranch on 1 plus acres. (half acre will do, too)


Some of you mentioned how great my mom is, and believe me, I know! She is wonderful and I am blessed beyond measure!


On a completely selfish side note, I am looking for recipes for breads, cookies and the like that have no white sugar or flour. We are trying to eat healthier and I need someone to point me north! Any web sites or cookbooks would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, girls!


Jess said...

RIGHT! They certaintly would not waste their money if they weren't pretty sold on Kevin already! I'm SO excited for you!!!

I had to laugh when you said you couldn't get a read on that guy looking at your house, I find it hard to read anyone from the NE anymore, everyone seems angry and/or distant...rofl

I have some vegan recipes that has no gluten, dairy, wheat that I'll compile and pass on to you.

CMB said...

RIGHT! You are SO right. I am really pulling for you guys. As for the recipes, I am so not the good cook. Sorry!

Laney said...

LOL, Jess! Thanks for the recipes.

And Cara, I read your blog, I know you can cook!! :-)

gina said...


How exciting!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

RIGHT!!! They are apparently very interested in Kevin otherwise they would not be flying him down for an interview. Have fun looking for houses. I'm praying that all goes according to God's will. He will send the right buyer & lead you to the right house.

Donna Boucher said...

It is so amazing to see God working in your lives. Houses just don't sell that quick...unless God has a hand in it.

Looks like you guys are just along for this exciting adventure!

So cool!

mamabear said...

Okay Laney, first point: you know I love ya!
Now for the "getting down to business part."
I'm not sure how things work on the east coast. They may be different than how it is here on the west coast. Not sure. That said...
my husband's company flies people out to interview quite often. That means that yes, they are very interested. Does it mean they hire everyone they fly out? Well, no.
I doooo dooo dooo hope Kevin gets this job, and am praying he does. I guess that just means that I'm pessimistically-optimistic about everything.

Ack-I'm not sure this comes across how I mean it to. I mean this all in a good way. Hope you know that...

And it sounds like once you guys get the go ahead from Progress then your house will sell in no time flat. Whew-one less thing to worry about.


Laney said...

No worries! I know what you are saying and I am not offended. Your thoughts were my thoughts that I was afraid to give life to. We are totally O.K. with a "no", too. Whatever God has for us is fine and we know that we are in His will and there is no safer place!

I appreciate your candor! ((()))

mamabear said...

***wiping sweat from brow***
you never know how your "tone of voice" will come across via the internet.

Dy said...

I just find it exciting when God starts rearranging the furniture in our lives. It's a little unnerving to have Him touch "our stuff", but when He's done, it's SO MUCH BETTER.

Hang on, enjoy the ride, and hold hands. How very exciting!

Meg said...

Hey girl! I'm SO excited for you! It sounds like Kevin is a really serious prospect. It really seems like God is lining things up. Who knows....since you are already packing up, if the NC thing doesn't go thru, you could always move to Jackson!! (Ha ha) (Uh, sorry, bad joke!)