August 24, 2005

Caught in the Act

Note to self:
Do not, repeat, do not leave the pencil sharpener where the baby can get it.

This is the surprised look that Joe has made famous. He does it when he thinks that something he has done is of particularly large hilarity, such as sneaking up to the table to sharpen my pencil. I will allow him the use of my sharpener, but if he touches my coffee cup, we are gonna have an "episode."

School went amazingly well today and I am thrilled with how well the boys are doing, they have really jumped in with both feet! Jeremy is a little math whiz and John is reading with such fluidity and speed that it makes my heart sing for joy. After lunch we played a few games of Perfection. Truth be told, the boys love it not so much for the shape sorting exercise, or the idea of doing something together, as much as they do the explosion that occurs when you let the timer run out! We always finish before the timer and then they put their faces real close to the game and wait for the "POP." Today we let Joe play with us, that is to say, he grabbed the pieces and ran away with them and then threw them under the entertainment unit. That sounds like it has the potential to become very annoying, but really it was fun. (snort) So anyway, Joe got to experience The POP. He had that look on his face, you know the one, it says I really want to cry because that action totally freaked me out, but everyone else is laughing so I think I will too.

I spent the rest of the afternoon organizing the rest of this week's and next week's schoolwork, I finally feel caught up. I ran 4 miles, made Chicken Marenga for dinner, did the Mexican hat dance and topped it all off with three loads of laundry.

John Steinbeck beckons...

Oh, I almost forgot, I will not be around tomorrow morning, I have to get some blood work done. I am having a six-hour glucose tolerance test, blech! I would rather give birth to something, at least they give you that yummy turkey sandwich after it's over. The only thing I am going to end up with are bruises and trackmarks on my arms. Yeeaahh, that looks real nice on a homeschool mom. LOL I am not dying, just trying to rule out some things. I will let you know what they find, that is, if I have any blood left and am not too weak to type. (I used to be a drama queen, aren't you glad I don't do that anymore.) :-)


Jody said...

Things are certainly getting busy everywhere! Such a cutie- I'd give him pencils all day long! I hope all goes well tomorrow.

gina said...

lol. your blog's name should Miss Efficent! Hope the testing goes ok for you and that everything gets "ruled OUT!"
ps. Joe is certainly keeping you on your toes, at least you can laugh at it- I'll have to try that approach when coping with our little hurricane,MAckenna. :)

Jess said...

Joe is hysterical, what a character! And I know that "I really wanna cry but everyone else is laughing" look very well! LOL

I'm glad school is going so well, I"m impressed!!!

Good luck at the doctors today, I just said a prayer for you that things go smoothly and that you find out what's bothering you.


mamabear said...

I jsut love that little Joe of yours! He's just a darling!

I will pray for good results from the testing too.

Ah, too bad it wasn't fall already, you could cover up those "track marks" with a long sleeve shirt.
Ahhhh...the days of fall...
you can almost smell it coming in the air...
(she goes zen-like)

oops-lost my train of thought

Glad everything is going well with school. I can't wait to start with my kids.


Carrie said...

As someone who recently went through many tests to "rule out" some things -- culminating in the last one yesterday, in which I was given a toxic substance to inhale for which I had to sign a pretty weighty disclaimer, my prayers and sympathy are with you. I pray all goes well today.

Jersey Girl said...

Oh, the face! Can't wait to be there again to hug him. Such good news about the "students".

Meg said...

Hey Laney!
Glad you got so much done! School, next week's school plan, housework, dinner AND a run! You go girl! Joe is SUCH a cutie! Good luck tomorrow. doctor doesn't give ME a turkey sandwich! Looks like a good excuse for a trip to Panera Bread! OH how many times I've seen that, 'wanna cry' face....but he's a good sport...face it, you gotta be with 2 older brothers!

Maggie Ann said...

Sounds like a fun day....I love the phrase, 'made your heart sing for joy'. the picture of your Joe is very telling. He's adorable! Our grandson has those kind of 'who me?' looks too.

Jules said...

I will just echo it again- but he is SUCH a cutie! Keep the pictures coming- your boys are so handsome!

I hope your test went well and they were able to figure things out. it isn't any fun when you don't feel 100%.

Dy said...

Oh, Sweetie! What a day. What a wonderful family to get you through those days.

We have a POP game, too. And Smidge likes to play the way Joe does. One of these days we'll have to turn them loose with a whole package of pieces to throw as they please! Have you tried Uno w/ the little guy, too? That's a riot!

I will be praying for your test results, and that a truancy officer doesn't spot the speedball mom at the library and start asking questions.

{{{hugs}}} and prayers,