August 25, 2005

Glucose INtolerance!

I am alive, a little less blood circulating through my body, but alive. I sincerely hope that I never have to do that again! I had all good intentions of getting up at 6:00 this morning to have some quiet time, but I stayed up way too late last night, instant messaging with someone, who shall remain nameless, but her initials are J.E.S.S.! We were just having so much fun, I nearly bust a gut laughing and I am not exaggerating! Thanks, Jess.

So I woke up at 7:15 to Joe yelling, "Mommy!" He has this adorable way of saying "Mommy" that I can only liken to a caveman calling for his woman. Perhaps yelling is not a descriptive enough word, it is more of a bellow, yes, that's it! A bellow, he is really funny. John and Jeremy were already downstairs, sitting on the big chair, watching Cyberchase. I stumbled came down the stairs to a sweet chorus of, "Good morning, mommy." They informed me that they had already made their beds, gotten dressed and brushed their teeth (and cleaned the sink I might add.) I love it when that happens!

I walked into the kitchen and reached for the coffee...Doh! I can't have coffee, I am fasting, ugh! No coffee, no food, no happy! Laurie called me at 7:30 and she sounded worse than I did, she said she would be over in 15 minutes. She offered to watch the boys for me while I went for my bloodwork, thanks, my sistah!

She arrived and I headed over to Lab Corp for my six-hour, did you say 6 hours?, yes, my six-hour glucose tolerance test. I thought, alright, I can do this, six blood draws, I'll be O.K. I got there and a lovely little red-head informed me that she would have to draw blood 8 times. That is not a typo, it's an 8. Two less than ten and seven more than one, oh, man, what a day to not be able to have coffee. She did, however, give me a lovely little beverage called, Orange Syrup That Will Coat Your Teeth In Fuzz And Cause Your Stomach To Make Alien Noises, either that or Glucose Beverage, I can't remember. Like I said, it was early and there was no caffeine circulating in my blood to keep me alert and observant.

Surprisingly, the hours passed by quickly. I brought East of Eden with me and had planned on reading the whole time. After about 3 hours, I began to feel the effects of not having eaten and my head was starting to pound and my stomach was growling, very loudly. I went out to the truck, set the alarm in my cell phone, lay down on the back seat and passed out. I slept the sleep of the dead, but I felt worse when I woke up then before I went to sleep. I went back into the lab for, yet another blood draw. Five down, three to go.

At 2:30, they drew the last of my blood and I went home, where there was coffee and peanut butter and jelly. Kevin came home and I hit the couch, I really can't believe how wiped out I feel. He looked at my arms and said:

K: Oh, honey.

L: I know, I look like a crack addict.

K: (laughs and shakes his head) You don't inject crack.

L: Isn't that a speedball?

K: (wonders how I have lived this long in society) Stick to blogging, sweetie.

I am going to bed and in the morning, I will have coffee!


Jules said...

8 blood draws? Wow. What a brave soul you are!
I am sorry your arm looks like a crack addict! (I think the proper drug would be heroin, but what do I know?) ;)
I hope that they find some answers for you after all that- and I hope they are good answers.
Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy that coffee tomorrow!

Dy said...

Oh honey, what a day you've had! I hope you are sleeping peacefully now, recovering nicely. Just think, Friday's coffee is going to be the BEST you've EVER HAD! ;-)

I don't know how you made it. I wouldn't have. Before we switched to midwives who just make me drink a Coke for my glucose test, I took the orange tooth-coating torture test once. Then Zorak had to run errands before we could go home. I got woozy, walked into a bike rack on the back of a Jeep and had a mongo shiner for the next two weeks! You're my brave, brave, hero!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Oh my gosh!! I have had this test done. What a pain...literally. They stuck every one of my fingers including the thumb. Talk about feeling like a pincushion. My poor little digits are throbbing just thinking about it. Sympathy pain for you!!!
Take it easy!!
What wonderful little men you have. I'm glad they were such a big help first thing in the morning.
Blessed be...

gina said...

I did the 3 hour version of that test when I was pregnant with Mack- with 3 sticks; you win. What a nightmare. I hope everything is ok, though. And yes, stick to blogging- but I have my own selfish reasons. ;)

RANDI said...

I hate getting blood drawn! Glad it is a new day for you-with coffee!

The picture of Joe is adorable (as usual)! I think you should have talked the "wifeswap" lady into giving your little guy his own reality TV show-it would have been worth watching! Maybe it could be called "Little Joes Antics"!

PS-sticking to blogging is a good idea!

mamabear said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, it just makes me ill just reading about your day yesterday. I too, have had that glucose test and I remember feeling like gagging drinking that horrid orange drink.
"you want me to drink All that"
"um yes mrs K"
"um yes, preferably today"
"well do i get to go to the bathroom"
"um well not today"
not again!

Oh, and by the way, REAL heroin addicts inject between their toes. Only homeless people inject in their arms these days. So consider yourself lucky. Next time you head to Walmart, stick out those pretty little arms of yours at the cash register and watch the cashier's eyes light up in horror of "oh my G**, does this woman have enough money to pay for those school supplies for those poor little boys she's carting around."

Okay, sorry-had to get in a few laughs this morning.

Seriously, love you, laney! Hope your bruises and crack marks go away soon! And beings since it's 11:30 on the east coast right now, I'm sure you've downed a right fine wonderful POT of coffee. Me-I'm on my first cup-the lazy soul I am!
:-) :-) :-P

love dawn
(crouching in horror gasping-did i just say that stuff...)

mamabear said...

man i crack myself up sometimes...

Laney said...

Dawn, you crack me up,too!!!

between the toes, ROFL!!

Meg said...

Oh my goodness, poor poor you!!! I think the nurses would have been looking for veins in my toes after the 3rd draw!! I've been told I'm a "hard stick" aka...any kind of blood draw requires at least two arms and a wrist! Good for your've raised them right!! And...Mike had the "Sopranos on one night and the one guy DID stick between his toes!!! I had to leave...I'm afraid I'd make a bad addict. Fortunatly there are other things to aspire to in life, he he!

Donna Boucher said...

Did you tell us why you are having this horrid test?
I don't think I was in class that day.

Heal quickly! Rest up!

Laney said...

LOL, Donna!

My doctor is trying to rule some things out and he said the 6 hour test reveals more than the 3 hour test. I meet with him in a week to discuss the results, I'll keep y'all posted.

mamabear said...

See??? Even Meg says I know what I'm talking about. ie-shooting up between the toes
(of course not that I would know first hand-just heard it from someone I know)


Jody said...

Hey, I remember the orange stuff from my bloodsugar test. Makes you never want to have orange soda again.

Hope all turns out OK.

Jess said...

Yikes! I've been dreading that my DR will tell me those 4 dreaded words, drink-this-orange-stuff. Ick, I remember that with #3. I hope you get some results after that torture test. ({({({(hugs)})})})

I don't know anyone with those initials btw. How inconsiderate of them to keep you up. ;-)

Your boys are so sweet!!!

Maggie Ann said...

You are a brave lady! Isn't it great that there is always comfort at home.