August 30, 2005

Here I Am

Rock you like a hurricane!

Really, Laney, the Scorpions, on a homeschool blog? What are you thinking?? I will tell you what I am thinking...

My darling husband just called to tell me that he is leaving tomorrow afternoon for Louisiana or Mississippi or Florida, he will know when he gets there, to help those poor souls who lost everything they own to Katrina. He will likely be gone for two weeks and I am filled with mixed emotions. On one hand it is a huge overtime hit, on the other hand, he will be gone for two weeks and I will really miss him.

On the bright side, I can read in bed at night for as long as I can stay awake want, and I don't have to slave over the crock-pot for 20 minutes each morning.

Here is something cool, my good friend, Meg sent me an interesting e-mail this morning. Here it is:

Hey Elaine,
How are ya? I hope you don't mind but the editor of this magazine was asking for articles and I thought of you. I hope you don't mind me recommending you! Take care,
Dear Glynnis,

I just wanted to drop you a note to recommend a friend of mine. She is SUCH a great writer. She has a weblog and I thought you might be interested in reading some of her entries. She's also a homeschooling Mom of three boys. In my book, being a Proverbs 31 woman isn't about being perfect, its about fighting the good fight, daily. She does that, and with a sense of humor I thought you would appreciate. Thanks for your consideration of Elaine (Laney) G.
Meg S
Hi Meg,

I did visit your friend's website and she does have a good sense of humor. Because of our small staff, we encourage potential authors to visit our website and review our suggested topic list and writer's guidelines. Here's a link to the information page: might want to forward that to Laney.

Blessings, Glynnis


I was blown away by this! First because I am really not a great writer, but I am very funny and humble. (hehehe) What a compliment from Meg!

When I saw that Glynnis from Proverbs 31 ministries had read my blog, I was a little nervous though. After all, I was talking about looking like a crack addict on Thursday and more than a few of you knew that it was heroin, not crack, that you shoot!!! ROFL! In addition to that, I just referenced, what some people would consider, an unGodly band.

I will give it some serious thought and I might submit an article, we'll see how the Spirit leads. Thanks, Meg!

I have got to run, literally, because who knows how long it will be before I can go again.

Oh, I almost forgot! Tammy called today to tell us that the house we wanted to buy in N.C. is back on the market. Hmmmm. I'm not saying anything, just wondering what God has up his omniscient sleeve.


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You are a WONDERFUL writer!, humorous, thoughtful, good storyteller. This is soooo cool. You get on that website & check out the topics....& you know God loves crack addicts like you, too ~smiles~
I will be praying for Kevin-I know how dangerous his work can be.
Glad to hear you can save
20 MINUTES each morning for two weeks. That adds up to alot of time for reading, etc.
I will pray for God's hand in getting ya'll to NC. Who knows...the house just may be on the market again for a very specific reason. We shall see what God has in mind.
Take care my blogging buddy!
Hugs to you & the little men!
Get Laurie back online--I miss her postings.

Meg said...

I'm so glad you were ok with the fact that I emailed Glynnis! Oh by the way...please don't tell her about MY blog!! He He! I'm sorry that you'll be husbandless for the next two weeks but at least you'll be compensated for your aloneness and Kevin, for his time away. Maybe we can get together to comiserate, er, take the kids to the park, I mean.
Is the realty company REALLY called Laney?? How funny! That's interesting about the house coming back on the market. Sure makes you wonder, huh?

Jess said...

Oh Laney, does this mean we can laugh like horses until all hours of the night? heehee Of course, I can barely stay up past 10 anymore without having a meltdown like a crack addict rock musician (there, 2 unGodly references in one for you!) but it's fun in theory...hehe

You are a wonderful writer, I'm never disappointed when I come and read your blog!

Jules said...

WOW! You're gonna be famous and then you'll leave the rest of us lowly bloggers behind. ;) Remember to thank us when you win your first Pulitzer!

I am sorry Kevin has to be gone for so long. I know you'll be fine, but I will pray that the time goes fast for you both.

mamabear said...

Thanks a lot, Laney! Now I've been singing that song in my head all afternoon now! :-) lol

One thing I miss when my husband goes away on business trips or whatever is hearing him say "I love you" as he rolls over and falls asleep. It's nice having the bed to yourself the first couple of nights, after that it just gets lonely...

Of course, with him being gone maybe you can write that article now.


RANDI said...

Lots going on today, I guess! Two weeks without the hubby? Long time, but what a great opportunity to help!

RANDI said...

Hey Lanie,

I am visiting a couple of hours after my first visit to let you know that I CANNOT GET "ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE" OUT OF MY MIND!!! I may have to think of an appropriate revenge for this!!! ;)

Laney said...

ROFLOL!!! Randi, my apologies!

Jersey Girl said...

I think Rock You Like A Hurricane is a song. It's not running through my head, you sinners!!! hehehe