August 31, 2005

One of Those Days

Donna asked us to post pictures of what we found to be beautiful. Unfortunately, I do not have the view that Randi has or the field that Donna drives by, but I do have these boys. They were playing, "Can you spell this?" this morning and apparently, all we can spell is, dog.


One picture, a thousand words. Some of them loud words. Some of them exasperated words. Some not even words, just laughter.


Just FYI. The reason Laurie has not been posting is because she has been involved in a top secret reconnaissance mission in Monaco. That is not really true, but is sure is more interesting than the truth, her computer is broken. She asked me to let you know that she will be back soon, and thanks for the concern.


Jess said...

I was wondering where she was, hope she gets it fixed and is back soon!

Your boys are beautiful, the oldest looks like your brother to me.

Loved the pics!

Jersey Girl said...

That is one beautiful thing. My three grandsons! Love that Joe. Is he going in the wash or coming out?

Jules said...

Oh my gosh- I love your boys! They are so handsome! I think you should add a little girl to the mix- she is bound to be beautiful! ;)

How old are they again?

Donna Boucher said...

You have such beautiful children!!!
I would have posted a picture of my girls...but I figure I do that enough :o)

Tell your sister I have missed her witty posts!

RANDI said...

Those boys are the best kind of beauty!

If you have to do laundry, it might as well be cute! ;)

Meg said...

Oh how adorable. That picture just brought a huge smile to my face. Your boys are so sweet! Oh how many times I have RE folded laundry! Sometimes the best thing is to just laugh...and then go put it all away ASAP!

mamabear said...

I love how Joe is looking at his brother. what a cute smile.
I miss those days when my babies were sitting in the laundry basket and carrying it around the house. Alas, those days are no more.
btw-love those inlaid hardwood floors you got there!

Jfur said...

Laney - Thanks for the giggle today. I needed that. :-) I should say that I "try" to enjoy all those moments of Josiah dumping out all my clean clothes on the floor and running off with the basket to put something of more importance in it, like toys or a sippy cup. Oh, the days can be fun if we make them be... good for you for finding smiles in all shapes and sizes. Bless them all!

And wouldn't it be grand if she really was in Monaco. Wow, what stories she would have to tell. :-)

(P.S. while writing this I have stopped at least 5 times to divert some sort of crisis from my toddler, and we're still smiling)

Bethany said...

They are beautiful! :D