September 23, 2005

5 Things

Well, Jess got me! so here ya go!

5 Things I plan (Lord willing) to do before I die:
1. Go to Isreal
2. Learn how to make a Souffle
3. See my boys grow up
4. Live in North Carolina (please,please,please)
5. Write a book (See, I didn't say novel. I know my limits.)

5 Things I can do:
1. Make people laugh
2. Use my husband's tools. Properly.
3. Run an 8 minute mile
4. Cook a fabulous brisket
5. Teach my children

5 Things I cannot do (yet):
1. Sing
2. Drive down the highway without yelling at someone
3. Listen to Hillary Clinton soundbites
4. Watch The Today Show with Katie Couric (Sorry, won't do this. Ever.)
5. Skydive

5 Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Kindness
2. Sense of Humor
3. Strength
4. A love for God
5. Strong work ethic

5 Things I say most often:
1. What is wrong with those people/that person
2. My head is going to explode
3. I love you
4. No, I haven't seen your (insert lost item here)
5. Yes, I will help you find your (insert lost item here)

5 Celebrity crushes:
1. Patrick Swayze
2. Rex Harrison
3. Joaquim Pheonix
4. Robert Duvall
5. Tommy Lee Jones
(Yes, I know most of them are old enough to be my grandfather.)

5 People I want to do this:
1. Michele
2. Meg
3. Dawn
4. Jules
5. Laurie(fix the computer already!!!)


Jess said...

ROFL once you leave Jersey you won't yell *quite* as much while driving. Although I've been here so long now I get aggrevated at drivers here as well. Then I got back to NY to visit and People don't drive aggressive ENOUGH here but that's way better than driving TOO agressive (or stupid) up in NY or Jersey. I close my eyes when Geo drives in Bayonne - those hills do it for me...eek

I have a friend that loves Tommy Lee Jones as well. She kept rewinding the "butt scene" in "Space Cowboys" again and again. It was making me ill but she really really like it! LOL Her husband and I rolled our eyes together and I told him to look on the bright side, at least he doesn't have to worry about growing too old to be attractive to her if she likes those saggy cheeks...LOL

Jess said...

oops, it's North Bergen that had the hills. Bayonne was just way too citish for me.

Dy said...

Mmm, I have brisket cooking right now. It smells heavenly in here!

Had to rofl at things you say most often. I've noticed most of us have some variation of your #1. It's a theme with us, isn't it?

This was really fun, and whaddya mean, old enough to be your grandfather? P'shaw! Joaquin Phoenix is young enough to be your younger brother! ;-)


Maggie Ann said...

I believe you will write a book. You are a very talented writer! Its fun to read your answers, its like getting to know you abit. Wish I was young enough to run, that must make you feel (and look) fabulous!

Jersey Girl said...

4. No, I haven't seen your (insert lost item here)
5. Yes, I will help you find your (insert lost item here)
Very Funny. You make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I can never remember my username and password to log on here! UGH! Your post was fun, Elaine. I'll have to do my "Five List" soon. Maybe even later tonight. That is after I set up Saxon for tomorrow. Did I say UUUUGGGHHH!???