September 6, 2005

In Which I Really Bore You (I'm Not Kidding!)

No, I was not abducted by aliens and I did not fall off of a cliff. But, when I die, someone please make sure I am buried in these shoes!

I'm sorry, I know I have really been lacking in the cyberspace communication department, but it is not for lack of effort!

Saturday we had a wonderful, unexpected visit from my brother. His boat is in Chelsea Pier in Manhattan(40 minutes from here) and he was given the day off. He is so terrific, my baby brother, he came to see Laurie and I, AND he came bearing gifts!! He bought us each a gift certificate for a local spa, love that! He only had a few hours to spend with us, don't love that, but we made the most of it and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

Today I had my follow-up appointment with my wonderful chiropractor. He had all of my bloodwork back from the lab and it has been determined that I am the proud owner of a condition called hypoglycemia. Being that you all begged me to post, I am going to force you to sit through the lab result discussion. (You see, I can't really force you to stay, BUT, my site meter tells me how long you spend here so I will know if you are really concerned about my health) That was a joke!!

So anyway here it is:

Fasting 73 Normal: 65-99

1/2 107 Normal: 65-199
1 hour 78 Normal: 65-199
2 hour 83 Normal: 65-139
3 hour 51 Normal: 65-109
4 hour 60 Normal: 65-109
5 hour 68 Normal: 65-109
6 hour 70 Normal: 65-109

My fasting insulin was 4.9 the norm is 6.0-27.0

When I was having the test done, I knew I was low between the 2-3 and 3-4 hour spots because I was exhausted, repeat, exhausted and I had a major headache, all symptoms of hypoglycemia. He explained a lot of the symptons and as he was talking, I just wanted to cry because, I will admit, I thought I was going crazy! I have been having all of the symptoms he described and to know that there is an actual medical diagnosis, well, it is very comforting.

I have been having mood swings, headaches, fatigue, I wake up tired for crying out potato chips! He showed me, by graphing my test results, how my body is working. He explained that I wake up tired because my body is still in one of the low points and the fact that the only thing that goes in my stomach for the first three hours in the morning is coffee, does not help. The human body is an amazing machine, truly a wonder of God's creation. My poor body, what I have done to it by not eating! Lest you think I am suffering from an eating disorder, let me assure you, I am not! Girlfriend loves her food, but I just forget to eat and than BAM, I am in that downward spiral of fatigue, mood swings and irritability.

He gave me a great food guide to follow and he is putting together a meal plan for me to follow, I am supposed to eat every two to three hours.

I have another issue with a hormone called DHEA. This is scary, the norm is 45-270, I should be around the 158-160 mark. Mine is 25! This measures the adrenal gland, which is responsible for producing growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen and I forget the other one. But anyway, the point is, my adrenals are shot and I need to lay off the coffee and start taking some vitamins and supplements.

I was feeling a little guilty because, it would seem, I don't take very good care of myself and I felt the need to counteract the bad with some good. I run, I told him. He chuckled. Exercise is good, but so is eating!

So, I am on my way to feeling better. I gotta tell you, I love this guy, he is so knowledgeable and caring. In addition to that, he stopped to pray with me and ask for God's wisdom to help him figure out how to help me!

Kevin called yesterday and said he was on his way to Hattiesburg, MS. So much devastation and sadness, I could hear it in his voice, he wants to stay and help. I really miss him, but we shall survive!

Tomorrow my mother, or as I am now referring to her, The Cavalry, is coming to visit. Woo-hoo, adult conversation and someone else to wipe butts!

Thanks for the support and funny comments, they mean a lot.


Jules said...

Wow! That's awesome that your doctor prayed with you! Very, very cool.

I am sorry you are hypoglycemic, but I am glad you found out what was wrong and that it is something you can control with your diet. It is hard to break old habits and patterns- but you can do it. Start with the coffee, lady! ;)

When does Kevin come home? I hope you don't have to be without him for too much longer.

BTW- I just had a conversation with my girlfriends about how all of us have been feeling less-than-healthy lately. Fatigue, vague aches and pains, headaches, just plain old weird feelings. We are all 33 this year and chalked it up to getting older. Just wanted you to know you're not alone- and now I am going to encourage them to investigate their blood sugar levels too. So thanks for sharing!

Dy said...

See? Not stalking, but *encouraging*. :-)

Thanks for the chat tonight. Know that you, the boys, and Kevin, are prayed for.


mamabear said...

That's it, I'm having that darn test now! I turned 34 this year as well, and I thought I was just Just don't ask me to give up coffee. lol!
Sending some love and prayers your way dear! Hope your mum brings the love and help you need. And I'm glad your brother could come visit you and Laurie.


Donna Boucher said...


I forget NOT to eat.

God bless you hubby!
God bless your mom!



Jess said...

I'm glad you got a diagnosis Laney and such an awesome doctor - wow!

I, like you, do not eat in the mornings. I'll nibble but I really just have no desire. I have a lot of the symptoms as well and being pregnant doesn't help I'm sure. Vitamins and coffee isn't the best breakfast then huh? Oh well, I'll try to eat something in honor of you. ;-)

I'm glad that test was worth it and hope Kevin gets home soon! YAY for mom being there, "hi mom!"

Bethany said...

Tell your husband thanks a million from a resident of southern Mississippi! We appreciate the help!

Tom Naka said...

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