September 3, 2005

Birthday: Italian Style

Nothin' says "I Love You" like an unexpected bouquet of flowers!

Kevin called me yesterday afternoon around 1:30 to wish me a Happy Birthday. He asked me if I had received any gifts and I told him, No, only cards. The words were not even out of my mouth when the doorbell rang and standing there was a man holding a box, I know a florist box when I see one! Inside the box were these beautiful roses, I was overwhelmed and surprised. Kevin is not usually a big romantic, but he is extremely thoughtful and this gesture meant a lot. He has not been able to talk at length and he is very preoccupied with his task at hand, so he should be, so I know this was a grand gesture. It really made my day!

Laurie took the boys and I out to dinner to the Macaroni Grill, what a great time we had! We ate more bread than any person ever should at one sitting and gorged ourselves on pasta. We even had dessert, complete with the loud singing by the wait staff! Jeremy wanted to pray over the food and thank God for all of our blessings. His prayer was so sweet, I got tears in my eyes. He asked for God to bless me on my birthday and to be with Daddy while he helps the people who don't have any electric. He has such a tender heart.

After dinner, John and Jeremy had to go to the restroom. I waited outside the door while they went in together. When they came out, John was laughing. He said, "Mommy, they are giving Italian lessons in the bathroom." I laughed and told him that they do that in the ladies room too. He then proceeded to say, "Scusi" over and over, while Jeremy translated, "Mommy, that means, excuse me." They are so funny.

On the way home, we passed Petco. It's a pet store that Laurie and the boys went to when she was watching them while I was having my test. Jeremy said, "Aunt Laurie, how come you didn't take us to see the snakes at Petco." Laurie told him that she was afraid of the snakes and couldn't even look at them. He informed her that they can't get out of the cages and she told him, "I don't trust anything without legs." We laughed and laughed! He still wants her to take him to see the snakes though.

It was a really great day, made even better by all of the wonderful comments! Thanks to everyone who stopped by from Donna's and thank-you to Donna for the kind words!


Donna Boucher said...

Dear Laney,
I am so happy to see the beautiful flowers and to hear you heard from your husband...and went out to eat with your sister. How great!
Macaroni Grill is fun isn't it?
They might as well just call it Carb City :o)

Happy day after your birthday :o)


Jersey Girl said...

Hi Laney,
The flowers are beautiful. Although romantic might not be the first word you use to describe your husband, he sure does know how to say "I love you" in many ways. How about, "Why don't you go take a nap and I'll take the boys outside" or "Why don't you go shopping with your mother and sister, I'll keep the boys" or "I'm taking the boys to the park now", etc. etc. He is a good guy!
I love the Italian story. I can almost hear their laughter and it makes me smile.

Kim said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Laney!

Dy said...

Very cool kids, and a very thoughtful husband! Not to mention your funny, rockin' sister and a dinner out w/ her and the kids. I'm glad you had a good day, in spite of all the upheaval. Happiest of Birthdays!

CMB said...

I hope you had a great birthday - fellow Virgo!

Jess said...

Happy belated birthday Laney!!! LOL@your boys!!! They are so sweet. And so is Kevin, you are abundantly blessed! :-)

BTW, we have a snake your boys can see (and hold) anytime! We stayed at a friends this weekend and her mother in law is staying with them also. When she heard we were coming she asked my friend, "Are they bringing the snake, I'm not sure if I could deal with it running around". Not only did she think we were bringing it but she didn't think we kept it in a cage...LOL Sorry Laurie, hope that doesn't give you nightmares. ;-)


Dy said...

So, um, where'd ya go? You have a birthday, decide you're getting old, and opt for early senility rather than early retirement? Did you lose your blogger password? Have you gone out for a morning run and forgotten your way home? Have you been abducted by aliens? Are you feeling peevish and missing Kevin and just don't want to whine here? Listen, we just miss you and hope you are well. If you're feeling a little small right now, whine away, but don't leave us worrying, ok? (You know, 'cuz we're so high up there on the interpersonal communications hierarchy, right? LOL!)

Oh, ok, just know you're loved and prayed for and thought of and missed. OK?


Jules said...

I kept stopping here and thinking that I already posted something. Then I stopped here today to do what Dy did, and remind you to post again, when I saw that I never did post to begin with! ;)
I'm sorry! But I wanted to say that the flowers are beautiful, as is the stained glass window, as are you and your family. I am glad you had a good day, in spite of the fact that Kevin was not able to share it with you.
I hope you are doing okay, and like Dy said, if you want to hop on and whine about it, be our guest! That's what we're here for... ;)

MisFitToy said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Laney!
The flowers look beautiful and Macaroni Grill is divine! I made a boule bread crab dip inspired by their rosemary breads and we ate the whole thing at a family gathering.
My wife and I like to go just for the wine tasting deal and the baskets of warm bread. It's enough for a quiet meal and a romantic quiet time after homeschooling, or changing diapers 100 times a day while potty-training. Mine has been the latter while on vacation. Scusi, I digress...

Jfur said...

Happy birthday Laney... sorry so late. My bday is today... I hope that yours was truly memorable. Aren't kids great for that? :-)

Maggie Ann said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishs from Maggie Ann!