October 31, 2005

Botox vs. John

If I ever get to blog before 9 a.m., if will be a miracle!

Last night, the boys and I were watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. During one of the commercials, there was a blurb for a new way to make your face look younger; tune in at eleven. John said, "That's just crazy, right mom? A new face? That's like saying that God didn't do a good job with your face the first time. Changing your face is altering God's creation."

I am amazed at his strong opinion on the issue and his reasoning as to why we should not want to alter our appearance. I was also taken aback at his use of the word "altering."

This struck a chord with me because I had just blogged about my crow's feet and needing botox. The truth is, if I had the opportunity to have plastic surgery, I can honestly say I would not do it. I like my face the way it is. My children know my face, it's the face my husband loves. It's the perfect combination of my mother and my father. It's not perfect, but it's mine.

(You find a cure for gray hair and I'll be all over it, no matter the cost!)

Jeremy has learned how to tie his shoes. I have a very relaxed attitude about the whole shoe tying deal, it really doesn't matter to me if the boys know how to tie their shoes. I would love to meet the man who invented velcro. He has single-handedly freed mothers everywhere from the burden of tying shoes and watching your children be the brunt of the twisted cosmic joke of tripping on your own shoelaces.

John was giving him some tips yesterday as we were preparing to leave for church. I was in the bathroom, putting on my warpaint make-up, just listening to the dialogue. It warmed my heart to hear heartfelt encouragement and praise between my older boys. When Jeremy finally mastered the skill, he squealed with delight, "John, check it out! I did it!" John, so sweetly said, "I knew you could do it, buddy."

What would we do without praise and encouragement? I'll tell you what we would be doing, we would be tripping over our own shoelaces!

Happy Halloweenie!


Jules said...

Hi Laney! What sweet boys you have! Do they ever fight? ;)

I love it when my Jeremy calls his little brother "buddy"- it gives me hope that they may one day actually be friends!

For the record- I didn't notice any crow's feet and I wouldn't get plastic surgery either. But I am soooo with you on the grey hair thing! ;)

Have a great Halloween!

Jess said...

Wow, kids take us off guard sometimes don't they? John is so sweet, what a great heart he has. He reminds me of my oldest.

I'm with you on the whole shoe thing! My 8yo still can't tie his but my 5yo can...lol No biggie, that's what I (or velcro) is for. I'm sure he'll learn before college. I'm the same way about potty training and reading btw...lol

I loved hearing about the boys encouraging each other...

Dy said...

I LOVED this post, Laney. Yes, encouragement does keep us from tripping over our own shoelaces. Something that we never stop needing, eh?

Zorak had to talk me into having a second child. (God talked me into the rest, lol.) Daily, I am thankful for them - for their interactions, their relationship, their love for one another. *happy sigh*

RANDI said...

Hi! I can't imagine having plastic surgery-I just don't feel like I would be "me" anymore! I would also be afraid that my face would get messed up-like adding an extra nostril or placing the lips on the forehead! ;)

Unforetunately, i know that at my age it is all downhill from here, so I guess I will have to welcome each new wrinkle with a smile!

Maggie Ann said...

Brotherly love, it is sweet isn't it!

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