October 30, 2005

Harvest Festival

Yesterday our church sponsored a free Harvet Festival in the church parking lot. Aside from the subzero temperature, it was a load of fun! Here come the boys on the inflatable slide.

John, looking every bit like a soldier in training and

Jeremy, looking like a Tiger Cub.

Step right up and throw the acorn in the squirrel's mouth.

The pumpkin ring toss, ring a pumpkin and win a prize.

Can he do it? The pressure is mounting. He tosses...IT'S GOOD!

A homeless child that we tried to shake, but he was a wily little waif, one that we could not easily elude.

The maze of INSANITY!

Catchin' some big air, man!

All together now, Awwwww!

Me and Joe. Didya happen to notice my crater size crows feet? If no, pay no attention to that last comment. If, yes, please send donations care of:
Laney's Botox Fund
P.O. Box 34
Oldladyville, NJ

Knocking down sin pumpkins, my baby can throw.

All together, again, awwww!

The Festival was a lot of fun, but it was a zoo! (he-he)


Linda said...

Looks like you had so much FUN!! Shows through these great photos.

Crow's feet? Are you kidding? You must be looking under a microscope.

Attention, Laney's readers. Please re-direct donations to:

Linda's Botox Fund
1234 Wrinkly Rough Road
Oldgeezer, CA 94022

Thanks for the fundraiser idea, Laney! ;-)

Laney said...

ROFL Linda!! *You* are wrong!! I saw that picture of you with Greg Laurie and you are not only beautiful, but youthful and glowing.

O.K. maybe not botox, LOL

Jess said...

ewwwww botox? Let's save money and I'll inject some cow urine into your face for $50 k? LOL You do not have crows feet!

The boys looked like they had a blast and yes, I definately said "awwwwww" quite a few times.


Laurie said...

If that face on Joe is not you--I don't know who it is??? Did I ever tell you - I love those boys!!!!

Jersey Girl said...

Great pics. Dad and I could not contain ourselves when that picture of the "homeless waif" scrolled up. I loved seeing them.
You need botox? Me first!
I am waiting for our cable to be restored (Wilma's fault) so I can blog and visit blogger friends. Can't wait.

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