October 28, 2005

How To Eat Pancakes

First, find a crazy straw and some Thomas the Tank Engine trains. Pay no attention to the traditional utensil, also known as a fork, sitting right beside your plate.

Vigorously stab the innocent pancake until you have pierced it with the straw.

Chew the pancake thoroughly and decide two utencils is better than one.


Thank goodness for children, without them this blog would be boring.really.boring.

We have settled into a nice routine, Jeremy and I. We get all of his work done in the span of about two hours, leaving the rest of the day for life. It has been most pleasant having just him to school. That's not to say that we don't miss John or I didn't enjoy schooling him, it's just that Jeremy and I have never had this much uninterrupted time together, and I am enjoying the pleasure of his company, immensely!

He is so funny and silly and a lot of that used to get lost in the stress of feeling that everything had to be done or the universe would misalign and the planets would begin falling from the sky. I can honestly say that I have relaxed about many of my homeschool issues. I let Jeremy take the lead and we have fun learning.

John is using Saxon math at school and a lot of their program consists of drill. Jeremy finds the idea of being timed, a fun challenge. Today we were working on handwriting and he wanted me to time him on the two pages he had to complete. I asked him how much time he wanted and he told me 18 minutes. I grinned and said, O.K., go.

It took him 4 minutes to complete two pages. I thought I was going to look at the page and see serial killer type writing, I sorely misjudged my son. Not only was it neat, letters perfectly spaced and formed but he put his pencil down and said, Finished.

He did the same thing with math. The only difference with math was he asked me to read the directions so, "there would be no confusion." He is so funny.

Jess mentioned that maybe the main purpose of God's will was to just bring Jeremy home. I think she's right.


Jess said...

I'm glad you're getting to spend such sweet time with him. I know when I take my 3rd child (Craig) out by himself somewhere I have more patience and really learn to enjoy things I haven't noticed before. You're right about the stress causing you to miss good things. Thanks for the reminder.

I'm so happy things feel so right! :-)

mamabear said...

I just love those pictures of Joe! He is such a darling.
And my dear, your blog is so NOT boring.
I am glad you are having a wonderful time with Jeremy, and it looks like he is flourishing having mama all to himself for a few hours.
God is so good, and He continues to bless you, Laney.
Have a great weekend.

Dy said...

If I could have one wish to change my daily routine, it would be for more time w/ John. He is such a neat kid, but gets lost sometimes in the needs of the Smidge and the drive to keep up with James. But he's really neat. On his own. Like I imagine Jeremy is, and you are now blessed to discover (not that you didn't know it, but this is hands-on, toddler-like, totally into it discovery) and savor. I'm glad. :-)