October 24, 2005

More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

But really, how much fun is a barrel of monkeys?

This kid is so incredibly lucky that he is cute and that Crayola markers are washable!

Joe is really funny, just like his mama! He will randomly throw very important papers or shoes, into the garbage can. That's not really the funny part, the funny part is he says, "Good boy" when he does it. I guess he thinks he is doing something worthy of praise, but he is not the one who has to clean coffee grinds out of my running shoes.

We have had many incidents regarding the bathroom lately, including, but not limited to, the unrolling of the toilet paper. Our bathroom floor looks like a ticker tape parade gone very wrong. We have also fished a few items out of the potty, that's always a pleasure.

Yesterday we took the boys around the neighborhood so that they could sell popcorn. Every year the Boy Scouts have a fundraiser that entails selling popcorn door-to-door and we do it as a family. We had a lot of fun together, walking, talking, laughing and joking. I am so proud of my little men, they are polite and mannerly and that is not lost on our neighbors. I am not only proud of my boys, I am proud that they are Scouts.

Happy Monday everyone!


Jess said...

ROFL@Joe! That child needs a chalkboard painted room...lol Isabelle threw all our silverware out in the garbage at one point, at least that's what we think unless there are little silverware monsters running around. ;-)

I forgot to blog about my bathroom incident! One of the kids made a pretty hefty deposit (lol) and the toilet was clogged. I took the plunger and to my horror and amusement before everything went down again a Little People man came out and swam for a bit and then went back down the toilet! ACK! He's still there awaiting DH's handyman skills but things are flushing soooo... DH has strict orders to throw him OUT when he does get him - yuck!

Sounds like a lot of fun with the boys! We are going to trick or treat around here next Monday and it's neat seeing how much our older neighbors enjoy the kids. We baked cookies last Christmas and brought them around and visited - FUN!

You're boys are so sweet...


momyblogR said...

Yes, thank heavens that they are washable, oh my! Nothing like having a pre-schooler on the loose with a Sharpie. I caught my four year old daughter with one that I so VERY accidentally left on the kitchen counter. I flipped out and shouted, "Mina, put the marker down and step AWAY from the cabinet. Slowly, VERY slowly but do it NOW!!" LOL

I'm proud of my little scout too. We just arrived home from a camping outing that was lots of fun. The popcorn thing is tough though. I just don't know how to justify a $40. can of popcorn, lol!

RANDI said...

My son, Josiah, loved to play in the bathroom too! He loved to stuff things in the toilet, lock himself in the bathroom and he even got into and destroyed all of my make-up once (this was during a supposed nap). Lucky for me, he has grown out of a lot of this, but even at 9, if he is too quiet, I had better investigate!

Mrs. Mac said...

When my youngest wrote on the wall with a pencil I cried for joy! He has Down syndrome and did something a normal child would do. It touched me so ... I left the "drawing" up for quite some time with pride :)

Dy said...

Cute really is a get-out-of-jail-free card, isn't it? And that boy is CUTE!!! I love it! (And I love washable markers... any kind of laminate surface that's non-porous, and really strong flushing toilets. The things that bring me joy have changed drastically over the years.)

CMB said...

How adorable! We should get our little guys together to play. Can you put me down for some popcorn??