October 22, 2005

Mr. Clean (and his wife)

This morning I woke up, not so bright and early, Kevin let me sleep until 8:30. Sweet bliss! We had coffee together and discussed how the day would take shape. I encouraged him to go to the gym and he was happy to oblige and began getting dressed to head out.

He came upstairs, where Joe and I were discussing quantum physics (that was a joke, I don't know anything about quantum physics and Joe can't even say quantum physics.) I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking out the window unit air conditioner and he said, no problem. I wanted to take down the curtains and wash them because, well, because they were dirty. Kevin took down one set of curtains and when he saw how dirty the window was, he asked me to fetch him the glass cleaner and paper towels. Being the obedient, submissive wife that I am (he-he) I did so willingly!

Just so you know the phrase take out the window unit has a new meaning. It now means, remove the air conditioner, wash the curtains, clean the windows, move the bed and dresser and vacuum behind them, put away all clean clothes from the tops of the dressers and dust everything that does not exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide.

I could have poisoned a small country with the ick that was making residence on the lamp shade, but I vacuumed it instead. I went downstairs to retrieve the good vacuum and when I came back up, Kevin was in full window cleaning mode. He said, "This really turns you on, doesn't it." I replied, "More then you know, sugar!"

Who knew Windex was an aphrodisiac!


Linda said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Laney!

Send some cleaning vibes over here. We are in dire need of them!

Jess said...

ROFL I can't get Geo to understand the aphrodiasiac powers that watching him clean has. ;-)

Ummmm I haven't washed a single curtain and we've lived here 3 years. I don't even have curtains on all my windows. About once a year I'll do my version of dusting them...rofl

The other day I told Geo I felt like I was nesting a bit. He said "this is my favorite part of the pregnancies!" LOL

momyblogR said...

How funny. Mabybe next time you will find him standing on the dresser cleaning the window in his fruit of the looms. lol!

Laney said...

ROFL! Momyblogr!

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