October 11, 2005

On E-mail

Usually I get e-mail's telling me how to enhance my romantic life or enlarge my, erm, maleness (?what?) Like I even know if "maleness" is a word, but c'mon people, my parents read this blog!

Imagine my sheer and utter joy at receiving these beautiful words from some of the dear ladies in my homeschool group. We were all going to be using Apologia's Astronomy science curriculum this year. We had planned get togethers for experiments, projects and field trips. Michele sent me an e-mail yesterday about planning an experiment and I was forced to break the news. I freely admit, I am a coward, I have been hiding from my homeschool mentors. I know these ladies love me and accept me, but part of me feels like I am disappointing them. I really need to get over it, I know.

So, I hope you are as encouraged as I was by these!

PTL for your husband taking control and making that hard decision. How are the boys enjoying it? Elementary school is so much fun.....I'm sure they are loving it. I'll keep you and your family in prayer. God is good.
much love, in Christ, Deb

Be encouraged bc the Lord will work through the kids at CCS. Last year, my hubby made the decision to put the kids in public school. Like you, I was angry and resentful but the Lord used my husband to give me rest. These were his words: "If I were to choose the best thing for the kids, it would be homeschooling. However, I have to think about what is best for our WHOLE family and that is to give you rest." In hindsight, I really appreciate the decision he made bc the Lord used that time to refresh me and renew my joy. The Lord brought a lot of good out of the whole thing as the kids learned much more about accountability and discipline for school. My husband and I were able to have lunch together once a week so it was good for our marriage as well. You are a blessing to the homeschool group but God will raise up others to fill your shoes. Enjoy your time of rest!
Love in Him, Julia

Hi Elaine,
Don't be sorry. Be thankful that your husband saw this need and took action. I think if anyone can understand, it would be Julia :-) She needed a break and did just that last year. Don't condemn yourself. As homeschoolers, we feel that this is the only and best way. But I am learning that sometimes when we think one way is the best, that God has another way. And, God's way is always best. Use this time to spend time with the baby and refresh yourself throughout the school year. I believe God has a purpose in this. Just rest assured that He will show you His way.
Love, Michele


Good friends. How much are they worth? So much!


Jules said...

Laney- thanks for posting those! Even though the words are not written for me, they are helpful.

It is great to have such supportive and understanding friends. You are a lucky girl! And I feel blessed to have "met" you, even though it is only across the wires.

Your boys will be fine, and God will use this time to give you rest and renewal. Take advantage of it when it comes! ;)

Jess said...

Laney that's awesome! You are so loveable see? ;-)

I'm glad you have found comfort from your family, RL friend, cyber-friends, and most importantly, the Lord. What more do you need? :-)

You are really, really blessed girl. BTW, are the boys still enjoying it?