October 5, 2005

Probably More Than You Wanted To Know

I meant to blog sooner but the day has slowly slipped away from me!

Yesterday went really well. I brought the boys in the morning and like I said, they ran off to see their friends. The school is still in its fledgling stage so the classes are small and everybody knows everybody. The gym teacher came up to us and introduced himself, Jeremy's teacher has a helper and she came and introduced herself to us, as well. One of the mothers of a little boy in Jeremy's class came up and introduced herself to me and handed me an invitation to her son's birthday party. She was kind of apologizing for giving it to me so soon but the party is today and she wanted to make Jeremy feel welcome. Her exact words were, "I don't want the other kids to be talking about the party, and for Jeremy to feel left out. Don't bring a gift or anything, just please come and bring your other boys, too." Here older son is in John's class and she explained to me that she homeschooled for the last two years and she needed a break. I was glad to hear her say that, it took a lot of pressure off of me.

This is our church, the boys go to Sunday School in the classrooms and the faces are familiar to them. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, really, it wasn't. They didn't cling to me or cry or display any other emotion than happiness at seeing their friends and pride in carrying totally cool backpacks. They got in their lines and left me with simply a wave, sigh.

I stalked them though. I went to each of their classrooms to make sure they were alright. John's teacher was out sick and so he had a substitute, a wonderful girl that I've known for a while. She was very in tune to how John might feel as "the new kid." She told me that she asked him if he wanted her to introduce him to the class and he gave a Linda Blair type head shake, No. I thanked her for asking him first and she said that she wouldn't want to be embarrassed and didn't want to embarrass him, either. Besides, he knows all but three of the kids in his class, so he is technically not a "new kid." More of a "recycled" kid.

Jeremy was chatting away and working happily on writing down his assignments. He didn't even notice me, I had to call his name. He gave me his little Jeremy grin that says, I'm having fun, mom, it's all good.

Yesterday was the easy day, Monday was the hard day.

On Monday, I was supposed to be done teaching my 8:30 step class, but I agreed to do one more class to help my boss out, so off the boys and I went. I had agreed to make a meal for a girl who just had a baby. Sunday night I received an e-mail from the meal coordinator asking me if I could do the meal for Monday and I said, sure, no problem. We rushed home from the gym and I made the boys breakfast, while making three pounds of baked ziti. Did I mention this was a meal for a family of 7? No, well, it was.

Ziti, check. Time to get in the shower, gotta be at the bowling alley at 1p.m. for the monthly homeschool bowling day that I organized. Leave the house with the meal and the kids. Drop Joe off at Laurie's and off we go. The kids had a fun time bowling and I had some wonderful conversation with Michele, who graciously agreed to oversee the bowling in my place. Thanks, Michele!

Back to Laurie's, get Joe, give her some decorating advice, and leave to drop off the meal. I forgot to mention that my old boss from a gym I used to teach for called me earlier in the day, in a jam, and asked me to teach a 6:00 p.m. step class. I said, (oh, say it with me now) sure, no problem. I also forgot to mention that I had to have Jeremy at the school at 4:15 to take a 1st grade readiness test, I just barely made it on time. For those of you who know me, you know I hate being late. I have little tolerance for tardiness, for myself and others.

I ran into the school apologizing and went to get Jeremy set up for his test. I met his teacher and she seemed nice, the principal was also there. Jeremy's teacher wanted me to wait outside and my first thought was, "Lady, are you out of your mind? He might need me, or miss me or, or, or, No way, I will not leave my precious baby with you." So I said, sure, no problem and waited outside. I gave my self a migraine trying to eavesdrop through the concrete block wall and chewed my fingernails to bits. Breathe, breathe, if he doesn't do well, he comes back home with you, it's alright. Out they walked and she asked to speak with me alone. Jeremy was happy to go outside where Kevin and the other boys were waiting.

In a nutshell, he passed the test and is ready for first grade, she said. Right then and there I started to cry. Not a Meg Ryan soft weep, a full on snot pouring, can't speak, shoulder shaking cry. The poor teacher! She patted my shoulder and said, "It's alright, we really have a lot of fun here. I love the children, it's o.k." I tried to assure her that I was fine, but really, you lose a lot of credibility when you can't piece four words together coherently.

I finally managed to pull myself together when the principal walked in. Jeremy's teacher said, "Mrs. Gardner is feeling a little upset." Tears, again! Lord, they are going to start referring to me as, "that crazy lady who cries." Can't you just hear it now, "Here she comes, no one say anything that will upset her. Stick to two topics, the weather and the price of gas."

I did manage to get my act together and settle down. I must admit though, I cried the whole way home and when I got to the gym to teach the step class, which incidentally, I wanted to do more.than.anything. *snort* I looked like I was ready for a Dr.Phil intervention.

When I arrived back home, I showered and got the boys ready for bed. This post should have come before yesterday's post because that one picks up from here.

Just a quick little piece about God's provision. Yesterday I went to the uniform store and entered with fear and trepidation for what the price of uniforms would do to my check book. I left there a lot lighter, $242.50, lighter to be exact!!@@!! When I got home there was a check in the mail, from the State of New Jersey of all places. In capital letters on the front it said, PROPERTY TAX RELIEF INSIDE, glory hallelujah! A check for $350! I felt God say to me, I know what you have need of before you even ask. I will bless you with enough and then some. Awesome God!


Karen said...

Hehe, you made me laugh. Don't worry Elaine, even though it is said that 1st impressions are important, I'm sure that's just a fallacy ;-D

Seriously, it sounds like your children are in a loving enviroment which is wonderful.


P.S.: Hmm, I didn't get my check yet.

Meg said...

Well, see what happens when you don't check Laney's website for 6 days!! Sorry, girlfriend! I wish I'd been aware of your motherly anguish so that I could give you an ear, at least!
Wow...yet another reason that its good that you're still in NJ. Suppose you came to this conclusion a month after you moved? The decision then, would be so much more difficult because you'd first have to find a school, and then put the boys in where they didn't know anyone and where the year had already started. How blessed that CCOB is so close and you have so many loving and caring teachers to rally around your boys! So glad that you made a decision that you are at peace about and that Kevin, as always, is such a supporter!

Carrie said...

It's great that you can write about such an emotionally exhausting day with humor. And the check -- what can I say? God is faithful. I wonder if Washington State ever does something like that?

mamabear said...

Woo-hoo! And enough money left over for a grain mill! (or at least part way there...)
Thinking of you today...

Jersey Girl said...

When I called the house Monday at 6PM, Kevin told me about the busy day you were having, but.. Oh my! He didn't tell me the half of it. Of course, he was a little distracted because he was trying to feed the boys dinner and Joe was "throwing things" and then the three boys were all throwing shoes and laughing loudly and having so much fun and then Kevin got hit by a shoe and had to hang up! I'm sure all was calm by the time you got back home.

I felt the sting of the "I have little tolerance for tardiness, for myself and others" comment. I have been working on being prompt. You will notice a huge improvement in my punctuality on my next trip up.

I believe you are going to see a lot more of those Godly provisions
in the future.

Awesome God! Amen!

Jess said...

Awwwwww Laney! HUGS! It sounds like a bittersweet day. You definately take on too much onto your plate girl, it's OK to say no! ;-)

BTW, I found one thing we do NOT have in common. I am *always* late, and most of my friends are too so it works out well. YOu'd have to tell me you're meeting me 30mins earlier than you really are for us to get along...rofl


CMB said...

I totally can relate! I am glad the boys are doing well. As far as the rebate, a similar thing happened to us. Our washing machine exploded the night we got our check. I was hoping to be $350 richer, but now I'll have a new washer instead.

mamabear said...

Thinking of you today...
Hoping your day has went well.


Dy said...

*ahem* Laney, it is now FRIDAY. I know you're out there. I've seen comments left elsewhere. But no blogging? Don't make me call at such an unreasonable hour...


Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Lol, I think we're a lot alike, Elaine, & I barely know much about you! Do come over and bake bread soon.