October 4, 2005

A New Day

My alarm went off at 6:00 this morning, but I was already up and had been for a while. My mind was racing with thoughts. Would they wake up early because they were excited? Would they cry and beg me not to send them? Would I cry and not send them? Would they want to go? Will they be treated with kindness? Will the other kids be nice? Will I have to rumble with the mother of the kid who isn't nice? Can the principal put a mother in detention for rumbling with another mother?

I got up and prayed. I prayed for a long time and I felt God's peace wash over me. His promises to comfort me when I am sad and strengthen me when I am weak came to mind and I felt prepared to face whatever it was that lay ahead of me.

The boys woke up and we began our morning routine. We talked and laughed about Jeremy wearing two pairs of underwear. You have to know him to understand why this would be considered "normal." We made scrambled eggs together and I taught them how to separate the yolk from the white. They both got it on the first try. John made toast and Jeremy served the orange juice. Joe threw his eggs and I felt that all was right with the world. We loaded up their backpacks and packed up the lunch boxes, they both requested my banana muffins (ahem, Kevin, made from store bought flour) and grapes.

We hopped in the truck and off we went. I felt precious minutes slipping away and wished the drive was longer than 10 minutes. I wanted to feel sorry for myself but then John told me about the dream he had last night. He said, "Mommy, I had a dream about school last night. I dreamed that I was having fun and laughing. I think God wants me to know that everything will be really good." I agreed with him and felt convicted for feeling sorry for myself. Jeremy reminded me to pray before we went in to the school.

I felt God whisper to my heart, "You see, I am He who takes care of them. You taught them to trust in Me and to look to Me in times of need and they are doing that. You pointed them in My direction and I am leading them. Do you trust Me that I am able to take care of them?" Yes, I do.

They walked into the assemly area and ran off to their friends, and I let them go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine,

I prayed for you last night, as well as early this morning. It sounds like all went well. God is GOOD!

When things calm down for you, come over and bake bread. :)

Michele P.

Jess said...

So, what did they think of your day?

I'm so glad you have Gods peace Laney. I'm glad you're on His path.


mamabear said...

No fair making me cry this morning! Don't you just love it when God speaks to your heart, and you just *know* that He's speaking directly to you.

I'm sure the boys will have a great time today. I hope you have fun with Little Joe today (sorry-I just can't resist calling him that)(grin).
Take care Laney, and know you are Loved!
love dawn

Denise said...

I am thinking good thoughts for you and your children.

Carrie said...

I'm rushing out the door to teach Women's Bible Study in 5 minutes, but wanted to check in. Should've done it before I put my mascara on. Off to re-touch. Praying all day.

CMB said...

I am so understanding how you are feeling. I really hope you feel better. Your boys will do great. They'll miss you and you'll miss them, but in the end it is ok. Praying for you all!

Karen said...

Putting the kiddos in school is one thing, but store bought flour (insert interrobang). Is there no end? ;-D

I can't wait to hear how their day goes. I'm glad you have God's peace, it makes life so much easier doesn't it?


Jules said...

I've been thinking about you today! I am glad the first day was cloaked in peace.

I hope you allowed yourself a good cry and that the boys are full of great stories when they come home!

RANDI said...

Sounds like all is well with the boys! Hope all is well for you too, Laney! You will get used to this, very quickly I am sure!

Jersey Girl said...

The Lord spoke the same things to me several times over the years that you were growing up. I had the same answer, I trust you with my children, Lord.
You are doing great, Laney.
I love you.

Dy said...

Well, I was quite teary-eyed until I read the word "cloaked" and then all I could think was, "Yeah, watch out for Romulons on the way home after class, ok?" And... the imagery... I cracked. It was too funny not to run with it. Sorry.

Anyhow, don't think we're going to stop praying just because you're over the first hump. This is a time of healing, growing and regeneration for you, young lady - so know that while you roll up those sleeves, we're still in prayer for you, Kevin (bless him - someone send that woman a grain mill!), and the boys. (Thankfully they don't all wear two pairs of skivvies a day- can you imagine the laundry you'd have to do?)


Kevin said...

I did not bake the muffins! I'm a boxed brownie kind of guy and I make the best.Oh yeah, I don't get the underwear part. Is it wrong to wear two pair?

Dy said...

LOL, Kevin. No, I wasn't under the impression you'd made the muffins. I just caught the *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* that went your way with this bit: they both requested my banana muffins (ahem, Kevin, made from store bought flour) and thought I'd add you to my prayers and/or plea for someone to send a grain mill to your home. You know, a little peripheral prayer. :-)

Two pair? Well, I don't know that I can say, really. This whole "experience" (parenthood) has been pretty weird so far. I can't get mine to remember to put on a pair some days (let alone two), and the other days, they start giggling at the breakfast table and I look over to see that one of them has discovered he's still got his jammy bottoms on... under his jeans... Zorak assures me they'll be functioning members of society one day... don't tell me if he's wrong. Please?


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Thank you for being a blessing to me!! What a beautiful post...& I am so glad that you not only were open to hearing God's voice, but that you heeded Him. I know the boys will have a wonderful time at school.
No, I don't think "rumbling" Moms get detention. But I do think they get banned from school activities & have to wear a t-shirt that says"Does NOT play well with others". ~smiles~
I love ya, sister-friend.

Donna Boucher said...

How did the boys like school? Did they come home exhausted? I remember my little ones being so worn out from school. Which I liked, by the way ;o)

Is your son a golfer? Cause that is the old joke, ya know.

Why do golfers wear two pair of pants?
In case they get a hole in one!