November 30, 2005

Patience is a Virtue (shhyeah!)

One for Jess, who is more impatient than me! (or is it I) I don't know, but you don't come here for my stellar grammar skills, you come here for the humor. :-) And speaking of humor, who nominated me for a Blog of Beauty Award for Best Humor. See, Kevin, there are many intelligent people out there who think I am uproariously funny. O.K. maybe not uproarious, but funny enough to get nominated!

Well, whoever it was, thank-you!

Kevin spoke with the guy from Progress and he said that a decision would not be reached regarding the job until December 19. *Collective groan* I know, bummer.

But, there is a silver lining. We didn't really want to go until after the new year and Kevin wanted to still be working for his present company in January so he would not lose his three weeks vacation. If he works even one day in January, he can give notice and still receive his three weeks paid vacation.

Also, Boris and Natasha called and wanted to come back for a second look around the house. They came today with their friend and did a thorough sweep of all the rooms. They asked Kevin what he thought of their offer and he told them that they need to come up 10K. They think the house is worth their original offer and we don't, so we'll see what happens. They are hung up on the fact that the furnace is 23 years old and there is no bathroom on the first floor. Our house is 80+ years old, bathrooms were put on the second floor for gravity to help carry the poop to the sewer, or something like that. Granted, this house does not have all of the modern amenities, but it does have two bathrooms and on any given day you could eat off of the kitchen floor. That should count for something.

So I went to the chiropractor this morning for my stiff neck. He examined me and said, "Woah." That is just one of the things you don't want to hear from your friendly spine adjustor. The other being, "See the picture on the wall of the bad spine? Well, that's you." I have some neck and back issues, so he adjusted me and gave me an ice and electronic muscle stimulation treatment. I have to go back on Friday.

When he was taking down my symptoms and asking me what brought on this condition, I told him that it could have been the kickboxing class I took Friday morning. Although, I don't really think that's it, because I take it every week, and I work out regularly. I told him that my neck hurt me when I woke up Saturday and has gotten progressively worse since. When I told him that I had to go teach my Monday morning step class (and took 4 Advil before I did), he looked at me as if to say, "Egad, woman, do you have any common sense?" No, no I don't. But I am reliable!

Imagine what he would say if he knew that the day after I ran the NYC Marathon, I went to teach a step class and a toning class, one right after the other. I was on crutches for a week after that, seriously.

Hmmm, I need to seriously re-evaluate how I abuse my body, but people get very upset if you don't show up to teach your classes.

When I arrived back home, Jeremy asked me if my neck was still broken or if it got fixed. I told him that I was somewhere in the middle.

Kevin just ran over to our attorney's office to pick up a contract and he asked me if he could take the Tahoe (my anniversary present last year.) I told him, absolutely not! He took it anyway. He said he is sick of driving the van, otherwise known as The Four Cylinder Squirrel Wagon.

I am still trying to think of a clever ending phrase.


Carrie said...

I nominated you, Laney - you crack me up! And I love your new look.

Jules said...

Awww--- I am sorry about your neck- that is no fun.

I love the new look- and will still pray that come December 19th you will be wheelin' and dealin' with Boris and Natasha. Sheesh! Don't they understand simple indoor plumbing? It was all about the gravity, baby!

Jersey Girl said...

I have eaten off your kitchen floor! You're not just kidding. And last night Tom was, too. Shhhh. Don't let Laurie know that.

Your blog is so entertaining. I think you should have been a finalist.

Laney said...

Mothers are supposed to say things like that!

Thanks, mom!

Jess said...

Well, I'm not your mother but I am a mother so I don't know if my opinion counts as unbiased but you are very funny Laney, where do you think the horse laughter came from? ;-)It isn't just anybody that can make me whinny...hehehe

OK, December 19th? I just waited for Dy to get a sono like 3 months and my other friend to get one like 4 months so I guess perhaps I'll survive waiting for the answer for less than a month. LOL

You are *never* allowed in my home. ever. I just stepped on something sticky on my kitchen floor and I.don' at this moment. It will wait until I feel like cleaning it up. Hmmm think that's part of my problem? rofl There has to be a way to clone us and find a middle ground. ;-)

Glad the timing is working out for you. And don't worry, I dont' think Boris and Natasha will be the only ones offering...

Oh and yes, start taking care of yourself woman.

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You HAVE to take care of yourself. Otherwise how will you be able to take care of others.
Yes, you are very funny. I check in each day just to see what's new & get a good dose of humor.
ARGHHHH....I HATE waiting, but good things do come to those who wait. I feel confident about the job for you & about the house sale. What do those people want anyway??? At least there are 2 bathrooms...You can eat off your floor???!!!!!????!!! WOW...& I thought my mother was the only one that could happen with. YIKES!!
Have a blessed day...

melissa in VA said...

Ohhhh.....I'm sorry, I am afraid that I will not be able to visit this blog any longer if you continue to talk this way. The excessive running, excercising thing I was learning to deal with...but now, you have to bring up the whole clean kitchen floor thing....and...well, for this underachiever, it's just too much, Laney. Too Much. (*wink*)
Feel better. Good luck with the job offer, AND the house offer! Take care of yourself!

Laney said...

ROFL, Jess! I would never judge you, even if I was stuck to your floor, LOL!!

mamabear said...

Okay, that is really funny, I was walking across my kitchen floor last night, and I stuck to mine. I think some kid in this house spilled some drink they knew they weren't supposed to have. :-)

El Boris and Natasha need to get with the program, man. Don't they know you put your heart and soul into this house making it nice and clean for their grimy little hands! To heck with the 2nd pooper on the main floor. You've got the bathroom Moose and Squirrel chasers all over the world would die for: Toilet rooms that go eek-shriek-and bump in the night!

Hope your neck feels better. Kinda hard to drive with a stiff neck huh!

ps-i love the new look of your blog, especially the new Santa hat! Cool!

momyblogR said...

Uproariously? Now THAT? THAT is funny. I do believe I'll be adding that to my vocabulary, lol. In any case, I will second the nomination. Although, it's no Mother of the Year, LOL, LOL!!

80+, that's impressive. They just don't house like that anymore, thank GAWD! Just kidding, we also live in an older house, I guess it's 45.

At any given day you could eat off my kitchen floor too. There's Fruit Loops, cookie crumbs, dried macaroni, you name it, it's usually there. LOL!