December 1, 2005

Rhyming Chinese Homework

Tonight we went to the Chinese buffet for dinner. I love Chinese food but I have reservations about eating said fare. I am always afraid that I am partaking of either, a) someone's cat, b) someone's dog, or c) someone's hamster. I try to focus on the good things about the buffet, it is very clean, the Chinese girls love my boys and the fried dough. Fried dough doesn't scare me because dough does not come from cats, dogs or hamsters.

After we were done eating dinner, I dropped Kevin and the boys off at home and I went to the store. I will blog about that tomorrow because it was an experience that deserves its own entry!
I arrived home from the store to find Kevin helping John with his homework. He was going over the papers that John had recently done for homework that his teacher sent home corrected. He was upset because he told John how to do some estimation problems and his teacher corrected them. She wanted it done a different way. I told him that Saxon is a scripted math program and she probably just wants it done according to the script in the book. He was still upset that his night of homework had red pen on it.

As John was doing his spelling sentences, Kevin found another math page that I had helped John with that also came home with red pen on it. "See," he said, "You did it wrong, too." I said, "I don't care. I didn't care when I was in school and I don't care now. All I cared about was lunch and boys." Silence. "You, hussy." It's all love all the time here. (Just kidding about the not caring about school part, I was going for the shock value)

We had a lot of fun with John's spelling words. He has 27 spelling words that he has to use in ten sentences. Each sentence has to have two spelling words in it for it to be correct. Many of the spelling words rhyme and I now know something new about my dear husband. He has a gift for nonsense poetry.

This is his latest: (spelling words are bold)

The smoke
Chokes this place as
We race toward the stage.

Bonus points if you can figure out what he is talking about.

Survivor is on, televison beckons!


Jersey Girl said...

Love the Santa hat!
I didn't know you cared about lunch while in school.
Love yah

Jess said...

ROFL@your mom!!! My lunch was french fries, Nestea, & 3 choc chip cookies, every day in H.S. YIKES...

I would be frustrated with the red pen too, especially if I helped...LOL I'm glad Kevin is helping so much. :-)

As for the poem.. Umm... A Tom Petty concert? LOL I dunno!

Ryan asked to be part of the spelling bee this year, I pick out book up next week, I can't wait, ti's fun to me We're nerds. ;-)

mamabear said...

re: Rhyming Chinese Homework
At first I thought-oh my gosh, is she teaching the children Chinese??? Wowzers, is she ever a brave soul.
You big tease!

momyblogR said...

Oh, he's a hidden talent. Why oh WHY is he not published already?