November 6, 2005

Toilet Update

The backhoe is still lost in the abyss. I don't know if we will ever see it again, and frankly, why would we want to?

Glitter is no longer the bane of my existence, the toilet is. Or rather sticking my hand into the toilet. How many times can a person do this before they go clinically insane? The answer, my friend, is swishing in the bowl, the answer is swishing in the bowl.

Kevin is home now and was a little upset that I plunged the toilet. I did not know that plunging was contraindicated. Now, I know. He informed me that I could have pushed the backhoe further down the toilet. My first thought was, ummm, isn't that the point? Apparently we don't want to further lodge the offending clog.

I told him that we, that is to say, he, needs to fix the loo immediately. If you have a weak stomach or just plain 'ole don't like bathroom speak, do not read any further...

You have been warned...

You brave soul...

Some of the people in our home are having a little monthly issue and we are less than happy about this. There are two bathrooms in our home, but the one without the clog is in the basement, two flights down from our bedroom. I don't want to go to the basement to go potty, I have to schelp everything and the floor is cold. Kevin, solver of all bathroom quandaries, formulates what he thinks is a terrific plan.

K: Can the upstairs toilet be flushed?
L: Yes, but without toilet paper.
K: So put the paper in the garbage can for now.
L: First of all, ewww. Second, you have obviously never had your period.


Maggie Ann said...

Oh my...hope your problems are soon resolved. I never realize how much we take things like toilets for granted....untill something clogs it. Oh how simple our needs really are, soap and water,and shall we add toilets to the list *smiles*. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Dy said...

So how much fun IS a barrel of monkeys???

I still remember the HUGE relief that washed over me when I realized the undies that caused our sewer line to break in our campus housing unit were *not*, as I had feared, our middle son's. They did not belong to anyone in our gene pool, but that was, to be truthful, only b/c someone else's kid got to it before us. LOL.

Happy digging to Kevin! You know this means extra laundry, don't you? ;-)


momyblogR said...

How funny! Please, a man having a period, what are you saying? My men can barely hit the bowl when going PEE! LOL!!


Hillary said...

As gross as it sounds, putting the paper in the trash can was "just how you did things" in Costa Rica.

When I lived there I learned that you had to be VERY careful of the plumbing. Everyone (I lived with a family of 5) put their papers in a trash can, and they were emptied twice a day.

Thankfully, everyone was pretty considerate, and I never noticed any smell or , um, icky material in the can.

So I tell you this just to let you know that it CAN be done.

But it's still icky. :)

Jess said...

We had to do this when the Little People man decided to take a swim. We lined the toilet with walmart bags (OMGosh, I almost said "sacks"). Then, about 3 times a day we tied them and threw them outside in the can.

HUGS, we had a stomach bug at the time too. The kids just hosed off in the shower...LOL