December 5, 2005

Monday Evening Round-Up

Sorry, gang, no pictures of the new sweater:-(

There isn't a good picture (read: I look weird and my hair is very 80's) so you will just have to wait.

Friday night I took the kids to the mall where we secured the sweater and a birthday present for the boy's friend, Kyle, whose party was on Saturday. We also took the time to go and see Santa, the line was very short and so I seized the opportunity. I really thought that Joe would sit on his lap because he was waving at him and saying, "Hi Santa." But when it was our turn, he performed to toddler grip o' death on my neck and began to say, "Go in there," while pointing in the direction of the stroller. Santa tried to coax him with bribes but he would.not.budge.

So John and Jeremy sat on Santa's knees and told them all about the things that they hoped to receive. Santa also asked me if I had been a good girl and what I wanted for Christmas. I asked him if I had been good enough for Botox and he just laughed that old Santa laugh that says, nice try, but you're old enough to know how this works. You want it, you buy it. Nice attitude, Santa. You call that Christmas spirit?

Sunday morning we woke up to snow on the ground and the boys were out of their minds excited. Me, not so much with the excitement. Kevin was at work and so I was stuck with the unpleasant job of shoveling. About fifteen minutes before we were going to leave for church, I went out to start the truck. When I went outside, I saw that there wasn't that much snow on the ground and I figured I would just let the afternoon sun melt it. I did sweep off the steps because falling and breaking my neck was not on my list of things to do on Sunday.

John and Jeremy offered to go outside and shovel a path for me and Joe . John asked me if I wanted him to clean off the truck windows and I told him, no, mommy has a special way of taking care of the snow on the truck. He cracked a funny little grin and asked me what it was.

I told him that you crank the defroster for about ten minutes until the vehicle is nice and warm and the snow has begun to loosen. You then enter the vehicle, buckle your seatbelt, proceed to the nearest highway and floor it. The snow just flies right off of the vehicle and slamming on the brakes ever so often really helps to get rid of the snow on the hood and the roof.

He found this hysterical, but it works like a charm!

Today we had bowling and it was just Michele and I and our children. In spite of being a small group, we enjoyed our time together.

I promised Carrie I would do the Seven Things that she tagged me for and I promise I will do it tomorrow!

Check out my new quote by Ronald Reagan, it's a good one!


melissa in VA said...

AWESOME quote! LOVE 80's hair. We got snow too, but it was on Monday.It was beautiful. You and I think alike about snow removal!

RANDI said...

Hey, I use the same snow removal technique--unless the hubby is home and he likes to remove it the old fashioned way!

Jules said...

I confess I am also a "drive till it flies off" snow remover. ;)

My sister yells at me because she got hit in the windshield by some snow and ice that flew off a car and she had to get her windshield replaced! I just tell her she has poor hand-eye coordination and didn't get out of the way fast enough. ;)

momyblogR said...

How Funny! I used to use the same EXACT snow removal method when I lived in NY. Not ONLY does it work like a charm it's the BEST fun. LOL! I used to slam on my emergency brake too to get the 360 action.

I really don't miss that much snow.

Stay safe.