January 13, 2006

All I Wanted Was a Trim

Today I went to get my hair cut and I got a lot more than I bargained for!

My appointment was for 2:15 but I got there early because I wanted to try to get in a few more chapters of my new book, Teacher Man by Frank McCourt. It's a great story about all of his years teaching in the public schools of New York City. He is so smart and he uses a lot of great words, many of which I had to look up in the dictionary. I love reading a great book that causes me to have to learn new words, it's like getting an education as well as being entertained.

At 2:30 I was called upstairs to have my hair washed. I had the best hair washing experience of my life! It was done by a young man who just started working in the salon and he had incredibly strong hands. He massaged my head without scrubbing with his fingers. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was an 11!

I was given a terrific haircut but a horrific blow dry! I don't know what it is about the salon that I go to but no one will ever blow dry my hair the way that I like it styled. They always put a ton of "product" in my hair and slick it down so that I resemble Alfalfa's long lost cousin.

I smile and say that I am happy, because I know that when I get home and fix it the way I like it, I will be happy.

I got up out of the chair, put on my coat and headed for the stairs to go down to pay my bill. There are two flights of stairs with a landing halfway down, they resemble the stairs that you would find in a hotel or office building. On the landing is a display of Bed Head products that are 30% off and so I glance over to see if there is anything that I could use.

At this point, I thought that my next step would be onto a stair. It wasn't. I lost my footing and slid down 9 stairs on my stomach and landed at the feet of a man sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. All of the contents of my pocketbook were strewn about the stairs and my left foot felt naked. I was quite dazed and rather embarrassed. The receptionist came flying out from behind the counter and said, Oh my God! Are you alright? Can I get you some water?

I realized that I lost my shoe in the fall and I asked her to retrieve my shoe and then I told her that I would forgo the H2O. Also, can you get my lipstick? It rolled under that chair over yonder.

The guy who washed my hair also witnessed my rapid descent and came running to my aide. He queried as to my well being and I told him that I was fine. He helped my pick up the rest of my things and put them back into my bag.

The owner also came running in the commotion and said, Oh my God! What did you do? Did you slip on some hair?

I told him that I fell because I was looking at his Bed Head display! He asked if I was alright and I told him that I was fine.

And I was fine, except for my left pinky finger and my left shin and both knees and my left thigh. When I got into the car, I surveyed the damage. I have an egg sized knot on my left shin along with a bloody gash. I have the beginnings of a fabulous bruise on my left thigh, my knees are both bruised and my left pinky is purple and swollen.

Kevin wants to know why I didn't get a free haircut. My sister laughed hysterically when I told her that I fell down the stairs. It was really funny and it would be even funnier if my shin wasn't throbbing!

Look to the finish! (and be careful on the stairs)


Lynette said...

Are you my long lost twin? You are blogging my catastrophs this week. My fall was down the stairs at my cousin's house back in the summer. I did the bounce-bounce on my backside all the way down with my 2 yr. old in my left arm. I hyper-extended my right arm TRYING to catch on something--nothing there. At least no one saw me! Bless your heart! Next time tell them you want all your services performed on the ground floor. Sounds like your day belonged in Melissa's week!

Hope you didn't have your Monistat in that spilled-out purse!!!!! :)

Laney said...

ROFL!! No, no Monistat in there, just my dignity! ;-)

Hillary said...

Oh my word! How funny! I'm glad you're okay, though.

On the bright side, you got a great blog entry out of it. Next time you go for a cut they'll probably escort you down, just to be safe!

momyblogR said...

Might I suggest a GROUND level salon. Girl, YOU are too much. I with your sister, laughing hysterically! I'm SO glad you are alright, but if you were sitting in my kichen telling me this story, even though you would be sporting some battle wounds, I would NOT be able to keep a straight face.

OK. You are not allowed to leave the house for any product, any service....NOTHING, until Sunday morning church. Even then, please hold on to hubbys arm going in, LOL!!

I'm looking. (and I'm holding onto the banister)

I answered you back on mine.

Donna Boucher said...

You are having a tough week!

Go out to eat with your husband this weekend...or something really special to make up for this wretched week!


Classical Home said...

You poor thing.
But when you got home you re-styled your hair, injury and all, didn't you?
I always used to do that.
Spend 45 minutes at a salon, only to return home needing to "do my hair".

So now I cut it myself and style it right the first time. It ends up taking less time and I'm even considering tipping myself next time.


Dy said...

I'm not even at your kitchen table, and I can't keep a straight face. And your comment about your dignity in the comments didn't help any, either. Ah, {{hugs}} and may you receive much pampering while you heal.

FWIW, I don't even let them dry/style/touch my hair. Just cut it and leave me *alone*. If they try to style it, I always walk out of there looking like a cross between the girl from ZZ Top's "Legs" video - BEFORE the makeover - and an old lady w/ the bubble 'do. *sigh* Not worth it.

Hope you enjoyed your new style and that it matches the bruises nicely.


RANDI said...

I am glad you are alright but I must admit that I am cracking up! Isn't it nice to have blogging friends who are willing to laugh at you? Ooops, I mean laugh with you! ;)

Laney said...

YOu girls just crack me up!!!:-)

Kanga said...

Oh you poor thing. How embarrassing. Ya know my hair dresser never gets my hair styled right either. I just come home and do it over again.

CMB said...

You've had a quite a few days! I have to admit, I was CRACKING up reading this. I don't mean to laugh at your pain or embarrassment, but it was amusing the way you told the story. I hope the damage is not that bad and that you are feeling better soon. You should post the new do!

melissa in VA said...

Oh, Laney! We SOoo need to get together this week!(snort!) HOW good is the haircut?? Good enough to go back? LOL. The girl who asked if you had slipped on some hair was probably thinking.."lawsuit!!"

Hope that you'aren't bruised up too badly. I find that falling really HURTS a lot more than it used to.

Thanks for making me laugh...twice this week!
How about a toast to a better next week?

Michele said...

I've GOT to stop reading your blog while trying to consume beverages!

mindy said...

Its been a hard week, eh? That is *SOOOOO* something I would do!! (fall down the steps, that is)

Nothing funnier than a good fall-down-the-stairs-story. It always makes me chuckle. Thanks for the laugh.

Dy said...

Laney... I am waiting for an email you owe me... *tapping foot impatiently*


Jules said...

Oh Honey! What a week you are having! I was also wondering about the Monistat in your purse and truly hoping that wasn't the case! ;)

I hope your injuries heal quickly and that your haircut lives up to your expectations. ;)

And just so you know- my sister would have laughed her butt off at me too. There's just something about sisters.

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

~uncontrollable laughter~
I'm so sorry you got hurt, but the story is just too funny!!
Heal quickly, dear girl...& thanks for the "first day back in the office laugh"
Blessed be...& watch your step

Jess said...

OK after reading the comments I don't feel so bad for laughing out loud during the entry! Only cause I knew you were OK or you couldn't blog - yeah, that's it. ;-) It's really hard to get me to laugh out loud btw. lol

I feel about 2 days postpartum with Tristan in my arms. I couldn't protect my fall at all because he was in my arms. So instead I landed on my knees and elbows, hard. One thing I learned from that. It hurts a heck of a lot worse as an adult! LOL

HUGS! They should have given you the free haircut, they're probably biting their nails that you'll sue them now.