January 31, 2006


Help! Jane! Stop this crazy thing!

I have been so busy for the past four days! Saturday was the Pinewood Derby and the boys cars performed beautifully, I was so proud of the both of them! Their cars were well done and unique to each of their personalities. Looking around at some of the Pinewood Derby cars, it was apparent that many of the parents took over or did a little more than "supervise."

I know it can be hard to let them do it themselves, I got a little crazy myself regarding the placement of the stickers. Jeremy said, Mommy, I just want it that way, I like all of the stickers. I felt bad that I was acting like the Sticker Gestapo with all of my, It Has To Be Straight nonsense! I finally let him do it by himself and it looked awesome!

They didn't win, but they had fun and they were good sports. I was so proud of their behavior and their kindness to the winners.

Saturday was also John's birthday, he turned nine. I can't believe it, really I can't. It feels like just yesterday that he was a baby looking to me for his every need. He is becoming more independent and growing up. I have seen him growing out of the things that he once enjoyed and it makes me sad.

I recently purchased some new bed linens for all of the boys rooms for when we move. When I was searching for linens that I thought they would prefer, I googled "Construction" because that is what John loves. I found some really adorable quilts and accessories and then I called John in to pick one out. We ended up in an online catalog called Company Kids. I showed him the quilts and he said, Mommy, I don't really like that one, it's kind of... I knew exactly what he was going to say but didn't want to lest he hurt my feelings. So I said, It's too babyish. He looked relieved to not have to say it and said, Yes.

We began to look at all of the other quilts and he settled on this blue plaid. It is a very nice quilt but I was so sad that he didn't want the construction ensemble. When I told my mother, I had to call grief counseling to go to her aid, she didn't take it well, neither did my sister. I am alright now, but it was touch and go for a while. No one told me that letting them grow up was going to be so hard!

Jeremy is still in the theme room mode and so he picked out pirates. Joe gets absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever, he gets airplanes. And he'll like it! He is also not allowed to get any bigger than he already is, there is only so much that I can bear!

After the Derby on Saturday, John had a small roller skating party with his friends. The boys had a blast and we had fun watching them! Laurie and I both agreed that the music wasn't that loud when we were 14. Boy did we feel old!

Sunday and Monday are a blur, but all I can say is, I was busy and now I'm tired.

I am, however, still looking to the finish!


Bridget said...

When my little guy (he's 7 now) did the pine wood derby last year, we were amazed at the cars done by "the boys". Blake did the majority of his and it turned out great, but some of the other cars looked like they should be sitting in a showcase. Oh, well, I thought it was for the kids and Blake was very proud of his.

Jess said...

I would have a hard time with the stickers too. My biggest pet peeve is going to storytime at the library and watching all the mothers either do the crafts FOR the kids or stand over them directing. My kids color people purple and bus wheels square...lol But I have an OCD problem that gets in the way with some things (like the stickers). I'm glad they had fun, do you have pics of the cars?

I'm sure you are busy! Have you started packing yet?

I wouldn't handle the big boy quilt well either. Everyone tells you how fast it goes and you KNOW it but it still seems just so unfair and unexpected. *sigh* The other day the littles wanted to watch a PBS show and Ryan protested saying it was too babyish. I did have some satisfaction that he ended up sitting and watching it after all...lol It's SO fast!


Jess said...


Jersey Girl said...

The Blue Plaid is nice, *boo hoo* *sniff, sniff* *sigh*
Love the pirates. Can't wait to see the rooms all done.

CMB said...

I love Company Kids! That is where I got David's baseball bedding. I love what you picked out for the boys. I know what you mean, David is potty training and I here in no mans land! I am so glad to here that the derby went well. Happy Birthday John! Roller skating - how fun! I told Laurie to invite us over if she has cake for Thomas - David would love to play with the boys. And I would love to see little Tom...

Jules said...

LOL!! Sticker Gestapo! I love it!

I am sad that your baby is not so much a baby anymore. It does go by fast- pretty soon he'll be wanting a set of weights to "pump up" and look good for the girls!
Oh wait, I didn't mean to give you a heart attack!! ;)

momyblogR said...

Happy belated Birthday John. NOW! Stop having them before your Mother has permenant emotional damage, lol!

LOVE the blue plaid, it's so grown up, very big boyish.

I'm looking!

melissa in VA said...

Oh, yes! Pinewood derby! Yeah, A LOT of the dads go pretty crazy about that stuff. It is pretty hard to swallow, when you know YOUR kid did it all by himself, and may not have had the presence of mind to sand the the little axels, or use the special regulation oil! Glad that the boys had a good time. We still have a few of those cars proudly displayed in the boys' rooms.
Happy Birthday John! Almost double-digits! woo-hoo!