February 1, 2006

My Blog Cloud

I saw this at Mindy's and I just had to do it. I think that it really speaks as to what we are all about! Click here to do it for yourself, just save the image to your computer before going to the T-shirt page. I am a bit surprised that the words "shoes" and "crazy" aren't there!!

I meant to blog about the Longaberger party that I had on Monday night. I have had a love affair with Longaberger baskets for a long time. Yes, they are expensive, BUT)!!), they last forever, they have a timeless, classic look and they are made in the U.S.A. The latter being the foremost reason my husband lets me spend our mortgage payment on baskets.

I wanted to have a party because of this basket. When my Longaberger lady sent me the catalog, I called her and said, I must.have.that! Who wouldn't love that basket? It has everything, Shamrocks, a lid and a funky shape!

As I was preparing for my guests to show up, I began receiving telephone calls, four of them to be exact. Four people called me to cancel! I was really frustrated. Mostly everyone calling had sick children, which I completely understand. My one friend, Jeannie, called and said, I was getting my jacket on when Joshua came in the kitchen and threw up at my feet. I told her that she had party amnesty and I hoped that Joshua was feeling better soon.

The only person that didn't have a good excuse was my neighbor. She claims to have had a sore throat. Sounds fishy, right? I told her to just open her living room window and she could watch the party from the comfort of her own couch. (Yes, we do live that close to one another. And you ask why we want to move?) She didn't go for it.

It was my two friends from church and my sister, who is required by law to attend, and me. We had a lot of fun! We laughed and ate chocolate pudding pie and fruit salad. I ask you to come spend money, but I also feed you a well balanced dessert.

Turns out, my two friends from church love Longaberger as much as I do because between the two of them, they spent over $500. I am sworn to secrecy as to their identities, not only for their safety but for mine when their husbands get the bills.

I can't wait to recieve my new baskets and put them in my hew house!! Longaberger has some really awesome hostess benefits and I got more than I deserve.

The boys are all battling some form of a cold so school yesterday was a bust. Today, we have to get in gear and do some learnin'.

Mom, Kevin had his cardiologist appointment this morning. Good news, his heart is in decent working order.

Look to the finish!


Carrie said...

Love your word cloud - I did one, too!

Glad to hear Kevin's heart is in good shape. :)

Jersey Girl said...

Whew! Tell him how happy I am about the report.
Love you guys.

Niffercoo said...

Hi Laney! That word cloud thing is great! I did one too!

Donna Boucher said...

Love those Longaberger baskets!!!

Fab news about hubby's ticker :o)

Jess said...

Umm Laney, have a basket MAKING party. We did about a year ago and had SO much fun! And you can pick your design and colors and everything! It's a lot cheaper too...lol

I have one question. Does EVERYone around you have a name that starts wtih the letter "J"? Besides Kevin it sure sounds that way...LOL

Sorry the boys are sick - hope everyone is better soon!

melissa in VA said...

God help us all if you figure out a way to do those parties over the web! LOL!
The word cloud is cool!
Glad y'all got good news for Kevin! Yay!

CMB said...

Laney, I wish I was home to be at your party, but I glad it went well and that you got some nice gifts. I can't wait to get my dish! Glad to hear Kevin is ok.