February 2, 2006

Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day!!

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? It has some truly priceless quotes.

Phil: You want a prediction about the weather, you're asking the wrong Phil. I'll give you a winter prediction: It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life.

Phil: Do you ever have deja vu Mrs. Lancaster?
Mrs.Lancaster: I don't think so, but I could check with the kitchen.

Phil: Come on, all the long distance lines are down? What about satellite? Is it snowing in space? Don't you keep open a line for emergencies or for celebrities? I'm both. I'm a celebrity in an emergency.

Phil: Don't mess with me, Porkchop.

We love this movie. Rent it if you have never seen it!

In other news:

John is feeling much better, however, he passed his sickness to Joe. Ugh! Joe woke up yesterday with a fever and what you might call a runny nose, it was unlike anything I have ever seen. His sneezing could only be described as a water main break, for it was truly that powerful and wet. Every so often we would hear his little feet come running from the living room and he would stop in the doorway and announce, "I got boogies. I need a tissue." Understatement of the year. I had to chisel the dried mucous off of his cheeks this morning. No one should have to do that before they have had their coffee.

He is amazingly pleasant even though he is not feeling well and he takes his medicine like a man. You might even say he takes his medicine like a frat boy. He wants to do everything himself these days and I am happy to let him, providing it doesn't mean using power tools or the oven.

I called him in for his medicine and he said, "I do it, mommy." I gave him the shot glass cup and (here's where the frat boy comes in) he throws his head back and downs the whole 5ml faster than you can say Sigma Pi! He hands me the cup and says, "Have more." I was laughing so hard! He gets his affinity for all things pharmaceutical from his father.

Look to the finish!


RANDI said...

You may have to watch out for that little guy of yours in the future! If he starts playing quarters with the dimetapp you are in major trouble! HA HA HA ;)

I love Longaberger baskets too. I own one and it was a gift from a friend who used to sell them--I think it is about 15 years old but it still looks brand new. I just can't part with the money it takes to own another one! :(

Dy said...

So, I'm guessing he won't need to watch Animal House, right? ;-)

Glad things are cruising along! {{hugs}} to the little ones.


Delaina said...

Can you send your little guy over my way. We're all sick with this head cold thing and my little guy can't stand taking any kind of medicine. I even tried to trick him with a cold lollipop. Once he heard his sister reading the bag, he was not quite so excited.

Hope your little guy is feeling much better.

Needleroozer said...

Too funny. Yeah, send him over here to give my big kids medicine taking lessons, too!

And I have 2 Longaberger baskets, too. I use my Market basket almost every day. It is strong and has lasted 13 yrs with no problems.

Too bad we don't live in the same neck of the woods, I could have contributed to your adiction, um, I mean basket collection.

Hope all the little noses are back to normal soon,

melissa in VA said...

BWahaha! Great post! SO sorry that the little one's got the "Ick". Hope everyone's all better soon!