February 16, 2006

A Morning Blog?


I am a little groggy and very thankful for coffee this morning. Our town does a fabulous job at snow removal but this morning I was not feeling the snow removal love. They had the front end loader out there at 7 a.m.! Now that we are all awake, he left.

I could not fall asleep last night either. I stayed up to watch Apolo Ohno and the short track relay, I was glad that I did. But the Olympics are killing me, it is on sooo late!

As I was walking up the stairs I heard Kevin snoring. I didn't think much of it until I got in bed and it kept me awake. I tried all of the usual tricks, coughing loudly, shaking the bed, kicking him. They weren't working. So I started to get creative and think about what would make him stop that incessant noise. I could jam miniature marshmallows up his nostrils, cover his mouth with packing tape, scream "Fire" or I could simply wake him up. None of those things happened because all of that brainstorming wiped me out and the next thing I knew I was asleep.

Yesterday was a great school day. The boys are doing so well and we are having fun and learning. Who knew! Putting them in school for a short time has proved to be a great thing, I never would have discovered Saxon math otherwise. Saxon has revolutionized math and the troubles it had previously caused for us are virtually non existent. Math is now, dare I say it, a fun subject for us. Again, who knew!

We got some science in as well. We are studying astronomy using Apologia's books and I can't say enough about this program. It makes everything so easy and the organization is already done for me. Again, it's fun and the boys are learning.

Packing is still a part of our day, as is keeping Joe out of the boxes. Life here is interesting to say the least.

Look to the finish!


CMB said...

Good morning! I am so glad to hear that school and math are going so well. Steve snores too and I have to yell "STEVE" for him to roll over and stop snoring. Then, I need to fall asleep before he starts again. I spoke to your sister and she said packing is going well - good for you! Will I see you & said sister tonight for scrapping?

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

I am so glad that school is now fun again for all involved. Sometimes a break/change of scenery is just what is needed. Good for you for doing everything "right". Good luck with the packing. Try not to pack Joe!!!.


Jules said...

School is actually getting done amidst all the boxes and newspapers? Good for you! ;)

When I heard about all the snow the east coast got I thought about you and wondered how you fared. Just the mention of a front end loader to remove the snow tells me you did pretty well! (from this snow lover's perspective anyway!)

Have fun with the rest of the packing- hope it's going well.

BTW- little Joe is absolutely adorable.

mommy to four j's said...

Glad to hear that school is fun I am not liking my science this year thought I might check out what your doing.

melissa in VA said...

Great JOB!!! And the picture below is just the cutest thing!!!

RANDI said...

I am using the Apologia Astronomy with my boys this year and I love it! I am learning right along with them! It is a great program for the older grades to!