February 17, 2006

Why Pronunciation is Important

Kevin: Can I get a boat when we move?

Me: No.

Kevin: (with John standing right next to him) Aww, c'mon. Just a small, used boat for fishing with the boys.

John: Yeah, mommy, just a small one. We really love fishing.

Me: (seizing my opportunity) You can get a boat if I can get a sectional for the new house.

John: What's a sexional?

Kevin and I look at each other and crack up!!

Kevin: Mommy said sectional. It's a piece of furniture.

Look to the finish!


mamabear said...

Aw, c'mon mom! It's just a little boat. A dude needs a boat to take the kids fishin'!
And Kevin-girlfriend needs a sexional! (tee-hee)

Seriously though-we have a sectional sofa, and we love it! Man you can cram a lot of people on it, especially for the Super Bowl!

Keep on packing, dear! You're almost there.

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Get the boys a boat already!!! Especially if you get a sexional ~smiles~ (Note: I just love your guys!!)
Happy packing. Take time for some fun this weekend also. All packing & no fun makes for crabby packers.

Blessed be...

momyblogR said...

How funny! You I could see where you would need to clarify, lol!

Aw, come ON, just a little boat but ONLY if you get a little sexional. Sorry, I just HAD to say it! :)

I'm looking!

CMB said...

How cute! Kids really say the funniest things and half the time they have no idea! We also have a sectional and we love it - it can even hold all my crazy cousins for karaoke! A boat, huh? That's tough. I know if we moved anywhere south, even down the Jersey shore, Steve would be trying to convince me of the same. Let's put it this way, I hope you get the sectional!

Jess said...

ROFL I can think of so many comments but I'm being a good girl and staying quiet.

I'll just say "good going on the bartering - I seize those opportunities as well!" and "Kids are so cute!"