February 28, 2006

One More From Jersey!

I meant to update yesterday, I really did, but I got sucked into the husband vortex! We have been working well together, and the squabbles have been kept to a minimum. Although yesterday morning Kevin was in the midst of a major meltdown and I actually called him, "Dude." I said, "Dude, you gotta chill! I'm not stressed and wish to remain that way but your bad stress air pocket is starting to take over my space." He chilled, thankfully.

Laurie and I were the packers to beat on Saturday. In fact, if there was a gold medal for packing, we would have won it. I wish there were because my chances for winning a gold in the ladies figure skating have severely diminished. One of the announcers on television actually called 28 year old Irina Slutskaya, old! Imagine what they would say if I were to show up in four years at the age of *gulp* 39!! But I digress...

Ah, yes. Packing.

So Saturday was extremely productive. The boys rooms got completely packed and cleaned from top to bottom. Laurie is the gal to have if you are moving, she cleaned the windows, washed the baseboards and vacuumed, under the baseboards! I did the ice cube trick to get the furniture dents out of the carpet. I'm neurotic like that. *wink*

After Laurie left, I needed to catch a second wind so I went for a run. I should have taken a nap because after that I was pretty much useless. I was still recovering from my airport trauma and realized that I had been running purely on adrenaline. I hit the wall at 7:30, just as Kevin was getting home from work. He wandered around the upstairs repeating the phrase, "You girls are good" and I felt like I had worked hard enough to deserve plopping on the couch to watch the Olympics.

Sunday I packed up the rest of the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. Kevin has been in charge of the basement, and we did the attic together, which is probably why I am not stressed. Like I said, we have really been working well together.

Except for one thing: the moving truck. He keeps asking me which way to park the truck, facing up the street or facing down the street. He then proceeds to run through his pro/con list for each parking position. We have been through this, more than a few times! I finally told him that I don't care which way it faces just as long as it gets packed.

He was up in the attic yesterday, throwing our camping stuff out of the window, I never said we had any class. As I was getting into the truck to go to the post office, he began to scream, "I'm gonna jump!" I felt like yelling back, "If you ask me about the moving truck one more time, I am going to come up there and push you out the window! He'd be fine though, the sleeping bags would cushion his landing.

So today we are going to get the infamous truck and some guys from our church are coming over to help us load it. I made a huge batch of chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice to feed them for lunch.

My mind is completely blank.

Oh! I knew it would happen, I am finally sick! Yep, totally figures, right??

I will see you all on the flip side. I don't know when I will be able to blog again, but I will try to get around to all of you later on tonight!

Look to the finish!


RANDI said...

Hi Laney,

I will be praying for you this week! Just think, by this time next week you will be in your new home!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Safe journey!!!


Jersey Girl said...

Hello from Florida. One quick note from the sunshine state where your boys are residing temporarily. We have just finished school and are debating whether to give Joe a nap now and go to the beach this afternoon -OR- go to the beach now and give Joe his nap when we return this afternoon. I told Joe we never had these problems before he came along. He just keeps chanting "We going to the beach".
So glad all is on schedule in NJ. I have a vision of Kevin laying on in the driveway on a bed of camping equipment! Not good. Pack this computer forthwith, as your dad, the birthday boy, would say.
Love you guys.

CMB said...

Congratulations on your marathon packing! Men worry about the strangest things - "which way should I park the moving truck?" and my favorite "how can I buy beer when I have to carry a baby?" Thank God they have us woman! HahaHehe. Have a great move and I will miss you. Can't wait to hear from you soon. PS, thanks for coming over Sunday!

mindy said...

Dude? Now that's funny! Don't you just crack up when things like that come out of your mouth. Once I called my husband "big guy." It made us both dissolve into fits of laughter and forget whatever I was miffed about.

The only difference is that my husband (the civil engineer) would have probably calculated the slope of the driveway to find the best direction to park the dumb truck!
I know one thing. He wouldn't ask my advice on that one. He would know my answer would be something akin to yours. :-)

Happy move day, Laney!! I'm thinking of ya' way over here in Washington!!

Jules said...

Ahh- nothing like a good move to bring out the best in our spouses! ;)

Here's to a fun journey on the way to beautiful NC- and that your household belongings will survive the trip- no matter which way the truck was parked when they were packed! (my goodness, does that really matter?)

Have a good one and we'll see you "on the flip side"!

mamabear said...

Will be praying for your safety as you guys move. Moving is no fun, we've done it too many times. But think of all the cool adventures yet to come in the new house, the new town, the new job, etc. Will be thinking about you guys.

Writing and Living said...

Happy moving day!

Carrie said...

Laney - Blessings on your move!

Donna Boucher said...

Prayers going up for Laney and her family on Thursday :o)

Lynette said...

Best of luck on the move to my state! Welcome!!!!! You sound like an expert at packing and moving, especially with that sister thrown in the mix.

Just one question--what is the ice cube trick for furniture tracks in carpet? I have wanted to rearrange my bedroom, but can't stand the holes in the carpet. Please share.

Dy said...

DUDE! You haven't blogged yet? You didn't make the computer (and, by default, US) a top priority?!? What's up w/ that?!?

Well, you're in my prayers for a smooth and lovely transition and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get set up!