February 7, 2006

to pack, a verb

I've started packing, but I must admit, It's not going well. All of the boxes scattered around my dining room are filled with dishes from the china cabinet and the kitchen. There are also other boxes filled with various items from around the house.

If you were to look around my house, you would never know that we are in the process of moving, except for the boxes of course. *snort* The dining room just makes us looks like we have to un-pack.

I am starting to get nervous. I am decluttering and throwing things away, but barely putting a dent in all of the flotsam and jetsam. I am a self-proclaimed "clutter hater" but all of the clutter within a fifty mile radius has somehow ended up in my basement.

I get one box packed only to turn around and see an even bigger pile of things awaiting a temporary cardboard abode. Toys just keep on multiplying. They're like Gremlins, you get one Matchbox car wet and it turns into 25 Matchbox cars, all laughing at me. Why do I have so many napkin rings? Who bought all of these candle holders? When did I buy an ice cream maker? Where is the Pepto Bismol?

To add insult to injury, my sister, who is supposed to be helping me pack, is in Florida with my parents. Truth be told, she's not really a packer but more of a come over and drink coffee and watch me pack kind of girl. At least I would have some company.

Enough whining, there are children who need to eat breakfast...

Where is the frying pan?

Look to the finish!


Hillary said...

I 'm thinking it could also be a proper noun, as in - "Tupac". The rapper from many years ago.

But I digress...

We've moved several times in the past 4 years. I've watched professional movers pack the entire house in a matter of hours. The trick is:

1. Pack one room until it's done.
2. Declutter the obvious, but just focus on speed. Put things in boxes as fast as possible, and don't think about it too much.
3. Send the kids to a friends' house while you pack, or use that tv babysitter for a couple of days. :)

Packing goes easier, I think, if you don't think about what you're actually packing, KWIM?

It's a pain to move a bunch of items, but I've always found it easier to declutter on the unpacking end, as I try to put things away.

Have fun! Moving is exciting!

Hillary :)

Lynette said...

Happy Packing! And I don't envy you!

mindy said...

Oooh, I love packing. I wish I could come help you! I love getting rid of stuff and labeling boxes, etc. :-) The boxes I hate are those last few that don't fit into any catagory and you are just madly stuffing things into boxes. I think of myself as a declutterer also, but there is nothing like moving to really see how much stuff you have, eh? Have fun!!

Laney said...

Oh, HIllary! You kill me woman!! Tupac, really??:-)

mamabear said...

Ooh, I feel for you, Laney. I helped my sister and her husband pack up their house in December and move down here. I found it was much easier packing up someone else's house than my own. Less of an emotional attachment to the stuff. I have found that when you pack at your own stuff you have to look at it and think about what it meant to you, when you bought/received it, etc. So try to pack with a bit of an attachment. When you unpack in NC, that's the time for reminiscing.

You can do this, woman! We'll be cheering for you. Go, Laney, Go! You can do it, yes you can, get to packin', even that pan! (okay, so I'm not a good rhymer-not everybody can be Tupac ya know!) :-)


Jules said...

I have to agree with the first comment- it is easier to de-clutter on the unpacking end. Having moved four times since 1999, we've learned our lessons well!

The key is to just.keep.packing. Don't stop to treasure the clock that Auntie Sue gave you, don't stop to sort the pictures and look through albums. Just don't stop at all. Except to eat and snuggle the babies every once in awhile!

BTW- I also hate going to the dentist with every fiber of my being. I just read The Children's Blizzard last fall and found it interesting and very sad. And I thought the fact that they were giving you a crown was hilarious! (probably should have posted this on the right one, but oh well) ;)

Good luck with the packing!

CMB said...

You crack me up. I am sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. Just take it slow and easy - you'll get it done. If you need a hand, I am not far away.

momyblogR said...

OMGosh, packing? It would take me 6 months to get out of this house. I swear, I think I would call the Salvation Army and tell them to take it ALL. The new, the old, the broken...whatever. If it were on the right day, I'd have them take Honey too, LOL!

Packing is the worst!

I'm looking!

Jess said...

I have grand plans of decluttering (anyone who reads my blog on any given day knows this). I also have grand plans of packing ahead of time, maybe even following flyladys step-by-step packing tutorial.

What will happen? I'll give myself 1-3 days and shove everything including trash into whatever will hold anything while my husband complains that we have too much crap. And I'll promise to declutter in the new place becuase everything will be easier and brighter there. HAHA

Love ya! I can sympathize but can't help. ;-)

kevin said...

Packing would be so much easier without that big clock hanging around your neck!Don't worry, I'll jump in soon and you know how I love dumpsters.

Jersey Girl said...

You need me there. I am the packer.

Jersey Girl said...

Yesterday was a great beach day. Wish you were here.
Laurie and Mom

RANDI said...

Moving is only fun after you have moved and unpacked!

Hang in there and try to enjoy!?!