March 16, 2006

The Eagle Landed, Really, It Did!

Well! It's a good thing that no one has been holding their breath waiting for me to post a moving update. I have been very busy, to say the least. I have been trying to think of a really funny way to write the story of our move, but it just was not funny. I tried, I really, really tried to maintain my sense of humor but sometimes...

I'll give you the Reader's Digest condensed version:

-We have a lot of c.r.a.p.

-I lost four pair of underwear, one pair of sheets, a lamp finial, three pounds, and quite a few brain cells.

-We have a lot of books.

-I gained new furniture, a beautiful backyard, friendly neighbors, three bathrooms and a schoolroom.

-I fought and made-up with my husband seven times (in two days).

-I wore the same socks for three days.

-Sisters are the only people in the world who can make the most awful situations completely bearable.

The sock part is still gross. I'm still waiting for that one to be funny, maybe in a few months. The worst part was the drive down. Kevin was driving the moving truck and pulling the van on a trailer. I was driving my truck with the dining room chairs on the roof with a camouflage quilt as a cover. Classy. All we were missing was the Beverly Hillbillies theme music and straw hats.

We left at 6:00 on Wednesday night and drove until11:00. I was so tired due to lack of sleep and coffee but two things were keeping me awake. One thing keeping me awake was fear. I was terrified that the chairs were going to blow off of the roof and possibly take the roof of the truck with them. I was afraid that the trailer would come unhinged from the van, slam into me and then the chairs would blow off of the roof. I was afraid that a tractor trailer would have a blow out and the tire debris would hit the truck and the chairs would fly off of the roof. Whole lotta scenarios about the chairs on the roof. The other was the thought that I didn't want to crash and die while wearing three day old socks.

We arrived Thursday afternoon and headed straight to the attorney's office for the closing. We bought the house, went to dinner with our pastor and his wife (Tammy, our realtor) and then went to a hotel and passed out! Friday we unloaded the truck, with the help of some burly men from church, in 1 hour. That truck took two days to load. What's the math on that??

I will post some after pictures and some more details a little bit later on. I have missed all of you but thank you for the comments, they have been wonderful!

Look to the finish!


Jody said...

That makes me so glad that we splurged on a moving company!

Hope things return to "normal" soon!

CMB said...

You have me in stitches! I am glad you are safe and sound. I can not wait to see some pix! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I miss you already. I hope to read more soon.

Jersey Girl said...

I heard all the "chairs on the roof" scenarios from you in person but reading them here made my sides hurt from laughing.
It's a whole lot funnier in the telling now that you've had a week to get over it.
The socks, however, are a different story.

mamabear said...

What? You mean normal people don't wear socks three days in a row?
Memo to Dawn: change socks tomorrow.
Glad you are blogging again. Missed you!


mindy said...

Good to have you back. I was starting to get worried about you! :-)

melissa in VA said...

YAY! you're back! Sooo funny about the trip down, that sounds EXACTLY like what I would be thinking about the chairs. Why don't men think like this?

Enjoy feathering that new nest.

Jules said...

Glad to have you back! And glad to hear everything (well, mostly everything) arrived safe and sound.

That whole chairs on the roof thing would have given me fits too. I hate hauling anything that doesn't fit inside the vehicle- even things strapped to a trailer make me a nervous wreck.

I had a good chuckle at the thought of you guys with straw hats bouncing down the road with the Beverly Hillbillies music playing! That was hilarious!

Again- glad to have you back- we've missed you!

Lynette said...

My 5yo son thinks 3 day old socks are the best kind. My 2yo daughter thinks she should change on the hour. Oh, well!

Glad you're all safe and sound and in one piece--and that you have all the chairs (even the camo blanket).

Loni said...

Well, your READERS can certainly laugh! Too funny from this view point. I will be looking forward to reading more . . .even on the socks! :) Loni

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You think this post isn't funny??? Wrong! I will giggle over this all day. Thanks for the morning chuckle. So glad the move was uneventful. When you move you are supposed to wear the same stuff for is part of the experience, plus the fact you don't know where anything is packed.

Glad you are back & safe in your new abode.

Blessed be...

RANDI said...

If the price of three new bathrooms and a schoolroom is wearing the same pair of socks for three days, you got a great deal!!! It sounds like you may get a powder room of your own out of this move!

Dy said...

"I lost four pair of underwear, one pair of sheets, a lamp finial"

I wanna know whose bright idea it was to pack all that together!?!? ;-)

You didn't lose your sense of humor. Reading the post shows that. Granted, it may have been packed during the drive (or bugeed up there w/ the chairs - did you use bungee cords? We love those things!) But you've still got it, lady!

Hey, did you get your new tooth, or have you taken the bling with ya?

Glad you're okay.

Michele said...

Glad to hear from you and glad you're doing well, old socks and all :)

Looking forward to the next update.