April 1, 2006

Skater Boys

Life has been taking on an adventurous side for us here at Casa de Laney. A few weeks ago a girl from church, who also has three boys, was telling me about a skate park right near our house. One day during the week, they have a beginner skate in the afternoon and the admission price is one dollar for each child. The boys were thrilled with the idea of heading to a "professional" skate park.

I quickly realized that all of our safety equipment i.e. elbow pads, knee pads and helmets were AWOL. Toys R Us , here we come! After we purchased all of the necessary stuff, we headed home. The boys had visions of skateboards dancing in their heads that night, I am sure.

The next day we headed over to the skatepark. The first thing that I had to do was to sign a waiver stating that if my children broke their necks, had their brains spill out onto the pavement or become paralyzed, I will not hold the park responsible. Riiight.

All of the other mothers seemed unphased by the possible death and dismemberment of their precious babies so I told the boys to go and have fun, but don't get hurt. Riiight.

Jeremy, after "dropping in." That's skater talk for rolling down the five foot wall while his mother watches as she chews on her fingernails.

John, speeding along, totally embarrassed as his mother yells, "SLOW DOWN!"

John, in "the bowl" or as I like to call it, the swirling pit of death.

John, dropping in. I have no fingernails left.

Jeremy, totally rockin' the turn! Funny thing about mortal fear, it can be fun!

Jeremy again, he's not afraid.

We do the skate park once a week and the boys absolutely love it! I am amazed at how much they have improved and all the the tricks and jumps they have picked up in a short time. They amaze me, continually.

Yesterday we went for a bike ride or rather they rode bikes and I ran. We have a park with a paved walking trail 1.6 miles long, only 1 mile from the house. The boys had such a good time and it was an awesome break to our day. Blood pumping, steam blown off, laughs and a snack were all we needed to start math. It's amazing what an impromptu adventure can do to a math lesson!

Look to the finish!


Carrie said...

My 7yo son just bought his first skateboard - with his own funds matched by Mom and Dad. So far he just rolls around on it - I'm not sure I have the emotional stamina to do see him do more than that! I'll definitely need some fortifying when the day comes - Dove chocolate, maybe.

Jersey Girl said...

Awesome! says your brother Jon. Gasp! says your mother. It does look like a whole lot of fun from the six and nine year old perspective. From my perspective, I completely understand the absence of your fingernails.
Looking forward to seeing this myself.
Love you guys.

Dy said...

"Swirling pit of death"!!! ROFLMBO! I love it! There's a skate park in Huntsville - the boys have asked to go there. We have no skateboards, and I have the boys convinced they don't sell them here...

Dy, who gnawed off a nail or two just reading this (although it does look like fun!)

CMB said...

Totally cool! Your boys are good at everything thay do...that is great. You are a brave woman for allowing them to try it. It sounds like NC is the place to be!

RANDI said...

You are seriously brave! Those skateparks scare me! Geez, do i sound like a mommy or what?