May 22, 2006

Deep Thoughts

Any SNL fans?

So. Last week we were eating dinner and we were discussing a very deep subject. One which we have never before broached.

Kevin: Did you ever notice that Bob the Builder has no eyebrows?

Laney: Really? That's odd.

Jeremy: Yes, it's weird. The machines all have eyes like people, you know, with eyelashes and everything, but the people have black shark eyes.

Joe: (singing) ...Scoop, Muck and Dizzy...

Kevin: Something has to be done about the eyebrows.

Saturday morning we were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch when the all important treehouse discussion began.

Kevin: John, I think that we should put it at the top of that Pine.

Laney: Er, No.

John: Mommy, daddy was discussing it with me.

Laney: Yes, I realize that John but the tree daddy is talking about is easily 50 feet high. It's unsafe. Imagine if Joe tried to climb up or you or Jeremy lost your balance in it. Daddy would never forgive himself. RIGHT, daddy??

Kevin: John, mommy's right.

John: NO! Don't listen to her. You can't go over to her side!


This past Saturday I started the Fat Flush diet. So far, it's been alright except for the headache that I have been experiencing from the caffeine withdrawl. That's right, no caffeine for two weeks. I'm doing well considering I didn't think that I'd make it two hours hours without coffee. I'll let you know how much fat I flush.

Look to the finish!


SB said...

I too am doing the FF plan. I am a sweet tea addict, so I thought for sure I would be bedridden without my caffeine...I did surprisingly well.
But what about that flax seed? Ick..I mean, SUPER ick...

Laney said...

The flax seed doesn't bother me, but the Psyllium, well, that's another story!:-)

CMB said...

Love the conversations - too funny. Why are you dieting? You have a kick butt body! Good luck with it.

Donna Boucher said...

Yeah Laney!
It's Tuesday and I pray you are over the worst part of withdrawl.

My least favorite part of the plan is the cran-water....with psyllium.

Try it with Stevia! I am a new convert to Stevia!

I will be interested to see how a thin person does on this plan. (I have so much to lose)

You can do it. I am on day nine and I feel just fine and dandy!!!

I do not miss my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper at all....just wish I could have some bread ;o)


mamabear said...

Okay, now I've been singing "Bob the Buid-er, can we fix it? Yes we can!" all day long.
I'm going to try the FF plan, off to the library to get the book today.

Donna Boucher said...

About the meals....

I, too, thought they were just weird! I drink the smoothie...and love it, tho.

So I have plain ole chicken with veggies...or plain ole meat with veggies.

I think the fruit is eaten alone.

If I could find nice fish...I would be eating that but I bought a can of salmon and it was soooo gross!

Are you bouncing? Or do you comnsider your running as bouncing?

I am so glad your headaches are over! Isn't that amazing how your body craves it more than your mouth!

I would never have thought I could go without my pop!

Laney said...

LOL, Donna! No, I'm not bouncing, and I am not running either. The headache prevented me from running but I have been walking.

I am a big fan of the smoothies, too.

Don't you have fresh salmon at your grocery store? I'm with you, I think canned salmon would be nasty.

mindy said...

I confess I put the book on hold at the library after reading Donna talking about it. Do you have to buy a ton of weird (for lack of a better word) ingredients? And, are they expensive? Just curious.