August 16, 2006

The Classified's

Last night I was helping Kevin to fill out an on-line job application for a position with the city. We finally heard back from Progress and they are not filling any positions until the end of this year. We were disappointed but not surprised, this company gives new meaning to the word slow. I told Kevin to forget about it, that there was a better one in the deck.

The good thing is, our pastor is getting ready to sell his house. What does this have to do with us, you ask? Well, hold your horses, I'm getting to that!

About two months ago, we were at our pastor's house for a small get together and he mentioned to Kevin that he was wanting to take down about 8 tall pine trees from his property. Kevin, who used to be in the tree business before becoming a lineman, volunteered his help. He ended up just doing all of the work himself, with a little help from J&J.

That initial favor, which was supposed to have been a free favor but they paid Kevin over and above what he asked, has turned into a steady stream of business. Our pastor's neighbor has so much work for Kevin that she is now solely responsible for making our car payments. Once word got out that he was a) reliable, b) actually showed up and c) cleaned up after himself, he hasn't had a down moment.

Is it ideal? Not really. He's not as young as he once was and it is hot enough here to make the devil himself cry, which affects how long he is able to work during the day. Is it paying the bills? Yep. Are we happy that he has many skills? You betcha.

It is funny though because we never know what is going to be in store for the coming week. It seems as if God is providing the manna for today as far as supplying work. It has been an adventure in trust, to say the least.

So last night, we were filling out the application. He asked me to do it because of the slow speed in which he types. He's a hunt and peck typist and I am fond of saying that he looks like Bobo the chimpanzee when he types. I have even tried dangling bananas in front of him to make him go faster. That doesn't work, but it does make him really grumpy. I wonder why.

When we were done it was after 10p.m. I went and plopped on the couch to watch some trash television. I am not proud of this admission, but I am honest, if nothing else.

Kevin, still sitting at the computer, calls over to me, "Hey! How do I look?"

I look over to see him wearing my glasses. I say back to him, "Don't stretch those out with your big, fat head."

*Disclaimer: He does, in fact, have a large cranium and will admit this freely. Because of the gene pool on his side of the family, all of our boys have big heads. My mother and my sister can feel free to weigh in on this issue.

He says, "You are so mean."

A few minutes later, he came and plopped on the couch with me and changed the channel to, what? The Weather Channel. I got up, put on his Reef's and headed into the kitchen for a drink.

He called after me, "Don't stretch those out with your big, fat feet!"


That's amore.

Look to the finish!


Jules said...

LOL!! That's amore! You are so right with that one. ;)

I am sorry to hear about the job stresses, but glad to know that God is providing.

Keep the faith, something better will come up. In the meantime, I will add you guys to my prayer list.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the prayer Jules.----I must confess the reason for my big head is;GOD needed to give me a large cranium in order to hold such a large brain.---Touce

Laney said...

Not only are you incredibly adorable sweetie, you are uproariously funny!


Laney said...

P.S. Touche has a silent "H."

So much for the big brain!

Kevin said...

I wasn't writing touche, it's touce. (toos) It's Greek for take that you knucklehead.


CMB said...

Good luck Kevin! It's great that he has so many skills - he could anything.

Hillary said...

Hey! You know what they say about big feet....

Wait. That doesn't quite work in this situation.

Dy said...

ROFL! Zorak says that to me w/ his jeans... it's funnier w/ sandals...

I am so tickled to see God at work, and y'all seeing it, too. And, on the upside, the weather will soon be much more bearable.

Lynette said...

Thanks for the laugh! There's nothing like a little back and forth to keep the home life interesting, huh? So...Kevin speaks Greek? or was that just a quick-witted comeback? (Obviously, I don't know Greek!)