August 17, 2006

Things That I Have Lost Since Having Children

1) All of the tape in the house.

2) A lot of silverware. I am sure that it has been throw out when they scrape food off of their their plates when clearing the table.

3) The ability to have the inside of my vehicle clean. I affectionately refer to the truck as The Tenement on Wheels.

4) Clean floors. I really dislike walking on floors that have crumbs and that is why I always have shoes on. Well, that and shoes really do make the outfit.

5)All of the tape in the house.

6) One tooth. Who knew that an unfortunate side of pregnancy is losing teeth due to your body sucking the calcium from your teeth to nourish your growing baby. So, number 7 should logically be...

7) ...calcium.

8) The privledge of going to the bathroom alone. Nuff said.

9)All of the tape in the house.

10) Did I mention that I have no tape?


Carrie K. said...

I wear shoes in the house, too -for the very same reason!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

I never wear shoes in the house...or outside most of the time for that matter.
You have NO tape!!!????!!! WOW!! Boys will do that to you ~smiles~
Since my son left home at 17 & then again at 21 I got back:
All my tape!!

I still can't go to the bathroom alone--Lobo, Scrappy, & Zane think that is just wrong. Usually all three accompany me, but sometimes I get lucky & just one shows up (they can open the door).

Have a wonderful day, dear girl!! Hugs to the little men!

Blessed be...

RANDI said...

What is the deal with kids and tape? I have taken to occasionally buying my boys rolls of masking tape (it is only about $.50 at Walmart) as fun gifts. They actually like to wrap blankets around each other and then tape on the blankets really tight. Then they wiggle around on the floor like crazy worm-men. As I am typing this out I am struck with the knowledge that my kids are strange! Boys! ;)

Jules said...

I am with you on the tape thing.
Can I add band-aids to your list? Since having children I can't keep band-aids in the house. Finding the band-aid box empty just about puts me over the edge! ;) (along with the tape dispenser)

KathyJo said...

I don't have the problem with tape, but I'm right with you on numbers 6 and 7. I wish they'd just taken the tape. :}

I apparently have the perfect mother-of-boys gene, though, concerning floors: I don't notice them. :) Not unless I consciously stop and look at them (and I REALLY try hard not to do that).

CMB said...

This is hilarious! I too have a son obsessed with tape and band-aids. As for the floor thing, well, our dog Zach takes care of that. He like to spread his food around the house (YUCK) and sheds like no buddies business. I am constantly sweeping and muttering under my breath - DAMN DOG!

Classical Home said...

You are so funny, Elaine!

We have plenty of tape around here. It's the scissors that go missing. I must buy a new pair at least twice a year, but I still can't find them when I need them.


Donna Boucher said...

Well...I'm happy to see you haven't lost your sense of humor :o)

My children lose all of the small spoons.

Lynette said...

Tape is awol at my house, too. It has a spot on my desk and I can't count the times I've reached for it's missing. They find more uses for tape than Scotch or MMM ever imagined possible. I've seriously considered letting them spend their own money on the stuff so they'd check the use a little.

momyblogR said...

What a great list. My vehicle should be blue with BFI painted on the sides, I could feed a small country with what I find on my floors and there is always a crisis to solve when I'm in the bathroom, lol!!

Needleroozer said...

Hi Laney,
Good to have you back in the blogosphere.
I never have tape, scissors, or small spoons.
Laney, You asked about curiculum. I am in the process of a long ol' post about our upcoming plans for fall, but until I get it done, visit my mostly homeschooling blog, and check out the sidebar for the stuff we wired reading for history.

Writing and Living said...

I have a friend who buys her son masking tape every year for Christmas.

I have four small spoons for a family of five. Luckily, my children have inherited the large mouth of my dh's side of the family, so they can use the big spoons. ;o)