October 26, 2006


Tonight Jeremy asked me if I would play Uno with him. I reluctantly agreed and he ran off to get the cards and John. I say reluctantly not because I didn't want to play with them but because they love to play the draw four and skip cards on me. I am usually a good loser, except when I hit my sister in the face with the Monopoly board because she was slaughtering me with rent on Park Place. Was is nice? I admit, it was not. But in my defense, the rent was very high.

Back to Uno. We really like Uno. It's easy to understand and it's fun, even when you're holding half the deck of cards, which I usually am. (See above paragraph.)

The boys love it when I shuffle the cards. This is fall out of your chair funny to them, I don't know why. Aside from them thinking it's funny, they also think that it is very cool. Thus began the conversation about shuffling.

I take the deck and begin to shuffle the cards.

Jeremy: (Laughing) Mommy, that is so cool. Where did you learn to do that?

Me: I used to deal blackjack in Vegas.

John: (shocked and appalled) Mommy!

Laughter all around.

Look to the finish!


Donna Boucher said...

I impress Katie with my shuffling every day. She wonders how I learned this fabulous skill too :o)

Needleroozer said...

I will have to use that line, Laney, cuz I learned to shuffle witha high school boyfriend, who would french kiss me every time I did it well,lol.

When they ask me how I learned, I haven't really had an answer for them. Don't want my tweens getting any ideas, now do I?

Dy said...


Jess said...


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

FUNNY!!!! I was a cocktail waitress in Vegas, ya know. Perhaps we met???

I have posted the answer to your "What movies"??. It is a very long post & covers several topics related to drama. So get a cup o coffee/tea before you start. ~smiles~ Hugs to all the little men.

Blessed be...

melissa in VA said...

MY GOODNESS! One just never knows WHAT one will find here!

Too funny!

Jules said...

My kids get a kick out of my shuffling too. And they always play the nasty cards on me too and then laugh and laugh. I guess if it's for the joy of my children I can tolerate losing...but that doesn't mean I have to like it! ;)

mindy said...

That is funny because Seth is always impressed when I shuffle! Just last night we were playing a game and he was again impressed with this skill! :-)

momyblogR said...

Funny, the same thing happens here when I shuffle. The kids think I'm performing some grand magical task! It take SO little to be a "cool Mom" at this age. :)

Jess said...

Will you blog already lady?

Isn't it annoying when people beg you to blog? Get used to it, I'm very annoyin...G! ;-)