November 8, 2006

WWJD - What Would Jack Do?

At O'dark thirty this morning, Kevin said to me, "The Democrats won control of the senate. That means Nancy Pelosi, the senate minority leader, is fourth in line to be the president."

I said, "Kev, that won't happen. Go through three people until she's in charge? I don't think so."

His astute reply?

"It happens on 24."

Well. There you go then.

Hey, if the Crib Chick can go all political, so can I!

Look to the finish!


Classical Home said...

Actually, come January she'll be third in line. Right behind Vice President Cheney.

Doesn't that make you feel better? :o)

CMB said...

Kevin is funny! 24, hahahaha!

melissa in VA said...

ohhhhh..Laney..It's good that you can laugh. I'm not.quite.there.yet. ugh

Jody said...

You think that's bad? This morning at 7am our soon-to-be-former-governor announced his bid for President. Democrat, of course. Vilsack is his name. Here in Iowa we call him Vil-tax. Ugh.

Andie said...

---this is where the evil comment about a hunting trip was, and is no longer because I thought twice and decided to delete it ---

*Sigh* I'm so disappointed. Disappointed in Bush, disappointed in people. Bleh.

Nancy...just scary.

Dy said...

Hell, I take her hunting! ;-)

Zorak's going shopping before New Year's. Guess what we're all getting for Christmas? lol.


Laney said...

Andie, no need to delet evil hunting trip comments, we welcome them here! *snort*

KathyJo said...

Grrr. Excuse my french, but I cannot stand that baby killing bitch. :P

I vote for Dy taking her hunting. :D

The Crib Chick said...

LOL..."It happens on 24."

That's funny. :o)

Jules said...

My mom and I had this same conversation.
The thought of that woman being "in charge" makes me want to vomit.