November 9, 2006

Better Late than Never

I just realized that I never posted any Halloween pictures of the boys. There is a good reason, three reasons, actually.
1) Our friends children are in the pictures and I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of other people's kids without permission.
2) I keep forgetting to ask permission to post their pictures
3) I can't remember what three was. But if was good, that much I know.

The only pictures I was able to snap individually are of Joe. He wanted to be a pirate and it was only fitting. If he had a theme song it would be Yo-Ho (A pirate's life for me), all he's missing is a bottle of rum and a wench.

I bought him a pirate hat, a sword, an eye patch and earring and a vest. He absolutely refused to wear anything but the hat and carry the sword. I attempted, in vain, to put the eye patch on him only to be met with screams of, "YOU'RE BREAKING MY EYES!" He tore the vest off and said, "I'm frowing dis in the bargage can."


He's not happy.

I let all of that go because he just looked so darn cute in the hat!!

The following morning after a well balanced breakfast of Hershey bars and lollipops, he finally put on the eyepatch. Or rather, the boys helped him put on the eyepatch.

I swear. I could dip him in chocolate and eat him with a spoon.

Look to the finish!


melissa in VA said...

Seriously Laney, he is the most adorable little thing! Who does everyone say that he looks like?

"Dip him in chocolate and eat him with a spoon"...You keep talkin' like that and people will start to think you're FROM down there!!! LOL! Too, too cute!

Laney said...


Ya know, he really does look like Kevin but every once in a while he makes a face that looks like me.

Could be worse, he could look like the milk man! :-)

Jess said...

ROFL he's so cute!!

Oh no, I"m still not used to the food analogies, you adapted fast!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Ok, that is the cutest pirate I have ever seen!! Bargage can...I will be using that one. Can you get away with that at 50 something??? Oh well...perhaps not. All your boys are just so darling. Joe, though, I just want to squeeze.

Blessed be...

Donna Boucher said...

He's just darling!

RANDI said...

You really need to bottle that kid up and sell him as "cuteness"! His pictures always make me laugh!

Jules said...

He is so adorable!!

Andie said...

He's SO cute!

My Bigs taught Leo to ask for rum and gave him a pirate name: Captain Leonardo Flint (his name isn't Leonardo).

Dy said...

That is the cutest little dimpled pirate I've ever seen! OMGosh, he's adorable.

But when did he get so big? He's not supposed to be that big and stable when he's upright... nooooooo, no, no, no.