November 28, 2006

True Confessions Tuesday

Is it cruel to send your children to military school right before Christmas?

Or maybe I'm the one who needs to go to military school.

It has just been one of those days. One of those days where the elastic in your underwear snaps, you burn your oatmeal and you realize upon entering the library, that you neglected to don undergarments in the form of a bra. At least I can provide adult entertainment for the male senior citizen patron checking out the book Passion in the Amazon. I did that much good today.

Tomorrow will be better. Right now I am going to eat chocolate chips straight out of the bag. That will make me feel better.

Look to the finish!


Carrie K. said...

Oh, I've had days like that. Well, not the bra part - but you know. Here's hoping things get better! You could really use a lift right now. hehehe pun intended.

andie said...


Hope tomorrow's better. (I bet that ol' fart will be at the library every day for awhile!)

Bridget said...

We have a military school about 15 minutes from our house, it makes for a nice ride when my kids drive me insane, except they are kind of fascinated by the uniforms.

Laney said...

Ha-ha, Carrie!!:-)

LOL, Andie! Who knows, I may need a sugardaddy someday!

Bridget, At least you wouldn't have a long commute on parent visitation day! *grin*

melissa in VA said...

Passion in the Amazon" BWAHAHAHA! You are hilarious!!! And hey, perk-up! I thought that society was sayng you don't have to wear a bra right now.'re just fashionable!

Dy said...

Yeah. I had a day like that yesterday. We ate breakfast two hours late because it was "that haarrrddddd" to put away two pairs of pants. *snort* They lived. Although, when I left for Wal-Mart by myself at eight-thirty at night, Zorak did come up beside me and whisper, "You DO plan on coming back, right?" :-)

We all have days like that. Some stupid thing about being able to enjoy the good ones. Whatever. They do end. Tomorrow will be better. Honest.


Jess said...
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Jess said...

Hey, at least the older gentleman wasn't checking out p*rn at the library computer. That was a pretty icky day on my end.

Enjoy those chocolate chips! Mmmmmmm

(edited above post to put the * in the place of the word above to keep out the pervies)

Jody said...

I wish I could forget a bra- right now I have to sleep in one!

I have those days, too. I think December breeds them.

Donna Boucher said...

I understand you are very very busy...and your computer is in an out of the way spot...but I sure miss you when you don't blog.


KathyJo said...

Blog already or we're going to think you really did send the boys to military school. :)