December 11, 2006

Further proof...

...that he is my child, eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

I said, "Joe, do you want yogurt for breakfast?"

He said, "No, I wannna just eat chocolate chips."

Alright, have at it.

Holiday baking has commenced and one of two things will happen. I will gain ten pounds from the constant baking and sampling OR I will lose ten pounds from the heat generated by my oven. Frankly, I am hoping that the two cancel each other out.

I have finished all of my Christmas shopping and I am almost done with the wrapping. Speaking of wrapping...

I know, you hope one of these beauties has your name on it. Last year my sister had the best wrapping paper, not so much this year, Sister! The unfortunate part is, I don't actually want anyone to open their gifts because of the splendor that they are to behold. These and other things keep me awake at night.

The mantle and the PEACE stocking holders that brought me anything but peace when my husband saw the bill from Pottery Barn. The but I got free shipping speech is staring to lose some of its desired effect because he e-mailed the Pottery Barn headquarters with my photo and a sign that reads, "Do not sell anymore cheap, made in India crap to this woman."

Where are the stockings you ask? Surely you know the answer by now. They were not a free shipping item!

Seriously, we have to move the stockings when we have a fire. Something about a fire hazard?

Last year this Christmas tree looked ginormous in our little living room.This year, with the high ceiling it looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It's fine though because it's ours and we love it. Plus, it's pre-lit! Woo-hoo! No stringing up lights or unraveling the light ball aggravation.

It was so nice to see all of your comments, especially Donna and Kathy Jo there at the end. And just in case you're wondering, the boys are still here. No military school. At least not for now.

Look to the finish!


mamabear said...

Aha! She blogs! Nice to see you again stranger! Love the pictures. I'm with Joe - chocolate chips for breakfast sound just about right.
Oh, and love the wrapping job. I'll hire you to do mine next! I love shopping, it's the wrapping part that I could do without.
Blog again soon dear. We miss reading about your life.

Carrie K. said...

Your gifts look gorgeous! I hate wrapping - one of my least favorite parts about Christmas. Which is why our gifts end up in recycled gift bags or looking like they were wrapped by a three year old.

Donna Boucher said...

Those are lovely gifts! Nice job!

Thank you for posting! Your witty repartie (how on earth is THAT spelled) made me smile more than once :o)

Wait til you see our Charile Brown tree!

A small tree is a happy fit for me...but for the rest of the is a laughing stock.

mindy said...

Good to see you back!! :-) Love the mantle. Darn those credit card bills!! They always point straight to the culprit, eh?

Amy said...

Will you come wrap my gifts? Please? They are so pretty! I'm so not with it this year. It's encouraging to see someone who is, though. Glad to see you blogging!

Dy said...

I don't know if I want you to come decorate my place, or clean it. Either way, I am in serious need of your help! Your Christmas decorations look beautiful, and trust me, that is not a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. The pinon pine trees Zorak used to insist upon - with twelve branches on a six-foot tree, and so narrow you couldn't hide a supermodel behind one - now that's a Charlie Brown tree! :-D

Glad you've blogged. Glad the boys are not at a military academy. And so very glad you let Joe eat the chips out of the bag. Sometimes, that's the best part.