January 14, 2007

Another Day...

...another load of laundry. If there were medals being handed out for laundering, I would most certainly win a gold one! Can you just see me on Oprah now?

"Well, Oprah, I really would not be here were it not for my boys. What with the mud and the sand and the water that produces more mud, and the rolling around on the garage floor, I am busier than a one-armed paper hanger!"


"Basically, Oprah, I live in the laundry room. If I get cold, I simply turn on the dryer for a little while. Yes, it does get steamy but think of the benefits for my skin. There is a toilet in there so "that's" covered. If I could only solve the sleeping dilemma. The only suitable place for sleeping is the laundry basket but to fit properly, I would have to lop my legs off and then I would not be able to reach the detergent."

(laughter and applause)

Seriously, what is the deal with the laundry?!

Look to the finish!


Frankie said...

lol! clever! I get a gold medal too, as I did seven loads today. ;-)

Bridget said...

I am right there with you about the laundry, with 3 kids and a husband I feel like it is never ending. I do laundry everyday, atleast 2-3 loads.

Dy said...

"The deal", at least at my house, is that my Beloved Husband just won't get on board with the whole "everybody gets two outfits - one for Sunday, one for all the other days" idea. Pfft. As if that's not just the most BRILLIANT idea since self-inflicted abject poverty, I ask you?!?


Andie said...

laughter and applause!

I think I have to copy you (and Jess) too. Not that it's a huge stretch for me to post a pic a day...but maybe I'll take pics of something *other* than the kids? Hmmm.

momyblogR said...

How funny!! The Oprah show, lol!! My kids are trained to ask,, "Mommyn dirty clothes?" I go reelng through our day, and if we were just hangin' around the house and there wasn't much distruction, I could very well deem those clothes fit for another wear. Now that doesn't happen too often but at least they ask, lol!

It's the socks and underwear that seem to be the problem....I think I'll get everyone 30 pair of each, a good months supply, lol!