January 13, 2007


OK. Here it is, that long-awaited and much anticipated blog entry. See, the longer I wait to blog, the more comments I receive. The method to my madness.

I came across this little ditty called Project 365. I know that many of you are familiar with it and I have decided that this is a good idea for me. I'm really good with deadlines. I'm the girl who wrote her senior term paper, at work, at the mall, the night before it was due, and got a 96! Not too shabby, eh?

My point is, if I set this goal, to do a photo blog everyday, I will do it.

So now you can stop nagging me to post updates. Not mentioning any names but their initials are D.Y., J.E.S.S., and A.N.D.I.E. (bwhahahaha!)

I crack me up!

And now for my first entry.

This is me this morning, standing in the driveway. We have decided to move all of our furniture into the driveway and live there instead of the house.

Shyeah, as if!

We had a garage sale and totally rocked it! We sold mucho junko and made mucho casho. Now I can get my roots done. (Notice my blond bangs and brown ponytail. Classy.)

Thus begins the blog-o-rama!

Look to the finish!


Laney said...

Oh man! Go back and click on that picture of me. Talk about a scary face, LOL! I was squinting because of the sun and I look like I smelled bleu cheese!

Laurie said...

Hey girlfriend!!! Way to go on the g.s.. I am sure you missed me and sales lacked because I could not be there to flag people in.
You look awesome!!! Is it bad to have blond bangs and brown hair?? Looks like I am in trouble again. Maybe we could bring it in!!??!!
Love you!!

Andie said...

Whew! Just in time. I was about to unleash Anne.

You look great, as usual -- congrats on the big money!


Dy said...

Ohhhh, a blog-o-rama! What fun!

And how totally cool that you have stalkers with our exact. same. initials. What a weird coincidence... *ahem*

Andie, you really need to come with a warning lable on your comments. I nearly choked to death on my coffee now TWICE today b/c of you.


Dy said...

Oh, and Laney, I really couldn't smell the bleu cheese. Not even when I clicked on the photo.

andie said...

Duh, Dy...you have to scratch and sniff.


Laney said...

ROFL! Andie you are sick! Sick I say!! :-)

Jess said...

ROFL Love the look on your face Laney!

You just moved not too long ago and can have a garage sale? I'm impressed!

I love the idea of taking a picture every day. I drive my family crazy (and keep Rayovac batteries in business) because I take a million pictures, every day. But it's because I have a poor memory and pictures help me remember. I love the idea of posting a picture every day. Back in High School I had a friend who would be mad at me everytime I did something she did. So, I will ask, can I copy your picture-a-day thing? LOL

Laney said...

Copy away, Jess! ;-)

mamabear said...

Oh, yay, you posted! I'm another one of those stalkers who have been coming here patiently e.v.e.r.y. day. Of course, I'm one to talk, she who says she's not blogging anymore, then the next week she blogs. Ack! Just call me Wishy-Washy-Dawn.


Dy said...

LMAO. I don't dare scratch 'n sniff. It's been a while since I've cleaned in here. I don't want to disturb the layer of dust and drywall film that's holding my computer together.

DAWN - you've blogged since you said you weren't... hmpf. OK, I'm off to see what you've been doing.