January 19, 2007

I'd Like To Buy A Consonant

Final Score:

Jeremy: 135




The worst part of losing so badly is that I helped Jeremy make 95% of his words. I was literally working against myself. It doesn't help that he scored the Holy Grail of Scrabble booty, a Q, Z, and X!

One of the words that Jeremy made by himself was "purr."

Decent word.

Used two R's.

Scored some points.

Not sure if it's in the dictionary but I don't really want to throw down with my 7 year old over a kitty noise.

I made a word a space before "purr", on the horizontal, that had an "A" in it. Jeremy said, "It's too bad that I don't have another "R".

"Why is that?" I innocently ask.

"Because. Then I could make the word "crapper" with the "purr" and get more points."

They found this uproariously funny. I did not.

**I just checked. Purr is, in fact, in the dictionary.**

Look to the finish!


andie said...

I haven't found the latin for "crapurr" anywhere yet. I'll ask KathyJo...

melissa in VA said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!Where do those kids get that sense of humor?????A while back, I wrote about Jack naming some stray cat "Crappy Cat" while we were on our Israel trip. The kids were breathless with laughter, but it's just not as funny when it's your own kid saying it, ya know? LOL

Jess said...

LOL Andie!

Laney, our kids would not be good together - they must never meet, they have teh same sense of humor...LOL