January 20, 2007

Thanks Hanna

The Hanna Anderson catalog came today and as I was perusing the pages I happened upon this baby girl, the precious pea there in the pink. Well, she is the reason that the following conversation was prompted.

Me: I wish we had a little girl.

Kevin: Umm-hmmm

Me: You have to see this baby.

Kevin: Which one?

Me: The one in the pink.

I show him the catalog and he seems less than interested.

Me: I feel like I want another baby. Can you have your vasectomy reversed?

Kevin: (shoots me a look from across the table.) Sure. Whatever you want.

Me: OK, I changed my mind, can I buy this windbreaker instead?


Look to the finish!


Jenni in KS said...

Ha! We've had that conversation before. Well, minus the windbreaker. I'm not serious any more. I just love to see that look on his face when I point out the billboards advertising vasectomy reversals. I've birthed four children. One vasectomy does not make us even;o)

Andie said...

Ha. Maybe that approach will work better than the "but I got free shipping" ploy?

They'll *never* be "even" Jenni. Ever. I've grown *48* lbs of children. I've had three cut out, pushed two out without drugs. Uphill. Both ways. In the snow. HE WILL NEVER CATCH UP I WIN bwahahaha.


This concludes our test of the crazy lady ranting system and we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging...

Laney said...

ROFL Andie!! Uphill, both ways! Indeed!

Girl, you crack me up.:-)

Bridget said...

Every time Rusty wants to buy something I hear "But I had the vasectomy", I'm sorry you can only milk that for so long after your wife gave birth to 3 children. Men need to give it up, they will never win that argument with us.

kevin said...

Can we change the subject? Suddenly I feel nervous.

Donna Boucher said...

Aw come on...

Have another baby!

They're much more fun and cutie than a windbreaker :o)

mindy said...

Glad to see you bloggin' again!!! Maybe I should try it. :-)

And, besides.....there are lot of families with four boys! No guarantees, eh?

momyblogR said...

OK! Now THAT is funny. I'd have to say that's one for the hubbster, lol!

andie said...

Holy crapoli you're off making a baby girl, aren't you? THAT'S why no blog.

Hope Kevin's not too sore from the un-snip.


Donna Boucher said...

Are you keeping a separate blog for Project 365?

mindy said...

I think the goal is to do project 365 in ONE YEAR! :-) Just missing ya!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Ok, so are ya gettin' a windbreaker or a baby???
Sounds like things are fun, as always, at your house. Have a wonderful day.

Blessed be...