February 21, 2007

Arts and Crafts

He's adorable, right?

He's adorable until he comes to you with a suspicious green particle hanging off of his finger and says, "I got boogers mommy. Get a tissue." Or my other personal favorite, a look of intense concentration followed by, "I'm poopin' mommy. Change me now."

He just looks loud, doesn't he? Squeals of laughter are what I managed to capture here. I was tickling him with a towel. He loved it and I love him. Even though he's loud. And boogery. And poops. A lot.

Today we made Greek pottery. We went to the craft store to get some terracotta sculpey clay. The boys were uber excited to shape their bowls and then bake them. Tomorrow we shall paint them. Painting is messy.

We also picked up some cute little foam soccer players. We had to buy the "special glue" for foam. Turns out the "special glue" is c.r.a.p. (We spell bad words around here.) When Kevin got home the boys promptly informed him that it takes 2 hours for the "special glue" to dry.

Translation: mommy will hold the soccer players head with one hand and his body with another so that his head dries properly.

I got out the big guns. Or rather, glue gun. Two hours? Nay. Four seconds.

"I bet that glue is non-toxic, right?" Kevin asked.

"Yep." I said.

"That's why it doesn't work."

"I know. Why can't we get some old fashioned rubber cement. Don't you remember smelling that stuff? I loved that smell." I said.

Look to the finish!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

I thought rubber cement was sooo cool. You could actually play with it when it dried & was fun to pull & twist. Ya ya ya ....I know I was a weird kid ~smiles~
All the good stuff is gone. Most of the new stuff is c.r.a.p. (I don't have to spell anymore at my house, but it is so much fun to remember when I did).
The pics are adorable. Joe is getting so B.I.G.!!

Hugs to all at your house from me & the furkids (kisses from them-they still cannot hug).

Blessed be...

CMB said...

Laney - Joe is SO adorable! I can not believe how big he got! He is a little man. So cute. You are a great Mom and teacher. Your children are so lucky.

Donna Boucher said...

sniffin' the cement....
that explains a lot!

melissa in VA said...

The glue? the rubber cement? Who can think of it? That Joe is the cutest little thing EVER! Totally adorable!

Jules said...

Okay- I am playing a little catch-up commenting here.

First- LOVE the hair. Second- LOVE the Cadbury creme eggs. (Stay strong!) and Third- Joe is too cute.

Go sniff some toxic adhesive substance and have a great night! ;)

Dy said...

I know a guy, in the alley behind the natural foods market... says he can score us some old school rubber cement... you know, as a "collectable memorabilia" thing... yeah...

This has no connection w/ your post, except for smelling things that are bad for you, but one of my favorite jobs was working at a full-service gas station. Better than White Diamonds, I tell ya - the smell of fresh gasoline fumes on a cold winter's morning.

'Course, that might explain a lot, too.

THOSE BOYS ARE SO CUTE! (And you are WAY cooler than I am. I got wild on the Grecian pottery by breaking out the red AND black colored pencils and letting them draw pottery. If my kids ever find out about you, I'm a dead woman. And you'll be four kids richer!)

Got your message, but my battery is dead and Zorak has the last remaining charger w/ him in DC. Sorry I missed your call.


Laney said...

Ha-ha, Donna! :-)

Jules and Dy, Maybe we can get together and sniff some glue while parked at the gas station!