February 18, 2007

Mi Pelo. Pela?

"What's different?" my friend Joyce asked me at Bible study the other night.
I replied, "I don't know. What do you mean?"

"You're hair!" she exclaimed. "It's down, it's beautiful."

Yes, my hair was down. I put my hair up. A lot. I put it up because although I love it long and sweeping along my back, I can't stand it when it falls in my face.

I was going to cut my hair short right after Christmas but
during our Christmas visit to my sister in New Jersey, I discovered something. Or more specifically, re-discovered something.

The curling iron.

Curling my hair made me love my hair! I no longer wanted to cut it. Now I want to grow it out like Lady Godiva. All I need is a horse. And a tax loving, oppressive nobleman husband.

After I burned my temple I remembered why I gave up the curling iron. Don't fret, I have become more dexterous in the past few weeks and have kept the head traumas down to a dull roar.

Look to the finish!


Donna Boucher said...

Your hair is beautiful!

melissa in VA said...

WOW! You make me long for my blonde hair back! BEeeeeUUUTIFUL! OOoooo and don't forget the flat iron, too. You can make some amazing waves and curls with that too...and it doesn't burn so easily. Enjoy your pretty "new" hair!

CMB said...


Dy said...

Oh, it looks great! Isn't it fun when you discover (or re-discover) something wonderful?

You know, I have no depth perception, so I suffered quite a few burns to the forehead, neck, ears, and shoulder in my youth. Then, for about a decade, the last three inches of hair closest to the scalp just never. got. curled. Talk about gun-shy!

I'm glad I'm not the only one w/ the hair in the face issues. I hate it. It's actually to the point that I don't care if I look doofy in a headband, b/c it keeps my hair out of my face. Blech.


Needleroozer said...

I can't stand hair in myface either. So I cut it all off again. Actually, it is still too long- need to shave my head again, I guess. Must be why Needleroozer stuck as a nickname.