February 16, 2007

Star Gazing

Today we began studying the moon in our Apologia Science book, Exploring Creation with Astronomy. While I was cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, the boys were each reading a biography about Buzz Aldrin. They were very excited about entering the new chapter because we were going to be making telescopes.

We were extremely fortunate to have daddy home to help us. I did really well until we reached the all important step of jamming the lens into the tube. Apparently I lack the proper engineering skills to slice a hole in a mailing tube and shove a magnifying glass into it.

As it turns out, Kevin's idea of taping the lens worked out much better. No offense, Dr.Wile. We still love your science program.

Here he is, the man who saved the day with his awesome magnifying glass taping skills. Isn't he cute? You should see him with the baseball hat on backwards, I want to dip him in chocolate and eat him with a spoon!

Hmmm. When you write that about another adult it sounds like a trashy dimestore novel.

We're all class here.

Look to the finish!


Bridget said...

It's nice to have a husband that is good with projects like that. Rusty is always willing and ready to help the kids when they are doing things like that. I like to help, but he has such a great ideas about what needs to be done and how to do it.

melissa in VA said...

How are you liking the astronomy book? We LOVE the "Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day" for Jack. We were planning on using the astronomy book next. I love the pictures. You have such a gorgeous family. How's the Body Pump going?