April 19, 2007

Gimme Some Love

What's with all of the Crocs dissing? I get the argument that the clogs are kinda ugly but my flipper floppers?


They are tres chic.


Pay no attention to my hairy, unmanicured, planters peanut looking toes. I was going to get a pedicure when I had an unfortunate accident. The toenail on my left foot, my middle to to be exact, fell off.

First of all, eeww.

Second. Now what?

The only redeeming quality that my feet have is that they look kinda, sorta, maybe in a way, cute when they are buffed and polished.


So, Sanjaya is gonzo. It's about time American Idol voters! We don't vote, we just watch. Maybe it's my fault Sanjaya was there so long. If so, sorry.

Poor thing, he was really upset. I would have laughed at him if not for the heartwrenching tears that he was shedding. Oh, Sanjaya, Sanjaya.


So if you have Crocs, let us see 'em! Let me know if you post your piggies and I'll come take a gander.

Look to the finish!


Dy said...

I'll see if my camera has a wide-angle lens...

Laney said...


mamabear said...

That happened to one of my toes about a year ago. I didn't do anything to my toe, didn't smash it, didn't drop anything on it, the toenail just decided one day that it needed to fall off. Asta la vista, baby! Needless to say, it took a while, but eventually it grew back, but it was terribly sensitive for a long time.


CMB said...

Luckily I have all my toe nails, however, they are not polished so I will not be posting them. I am not a Croc girl. My niece and nephew have them and I think my sister in law too, but I never cared for them. I hear they are comfy. I am a flip flop girl. J Crew has the best ones. Thanks for sharing yours with us.
BTW, I think we have the same table. Do you have 4 chairs for it too?

Bridget said...

I'm not a Croc girl but my daughter loves them. She says they are the most comfortable shoes she has ever worn. Why did they have to make them so ugly though? Your shoes are cute, I may become a convert.

Anniesue said...

I posted a pic for you. We are a Croc family!!

melissa said...

Ain't got no Crocs. I have Merrel's , though......which I LOVE. But I can't bring myself to buy a plastic shoe.....I...I just can't. My sister has a pair.....does that count?

BTW, the pics of your kiddo's below are adorable. I can't beleive how grown up everyone is looking!

Amy said...

Well, I think I've made it clear that Crocs are, indeed, ugly. Not that there is anything wrong with wearing ugly shoes. It's all in the attitude, I say.

The really shocking part of this post, imo, is that your toes are hairy. It does not compute from other info I know about you.

Love, Amy, scratching her head right now ;o)

Heidi said...

I just got my Crocs and I LOVE them! Currently in the process of converting a couple other friends too! I will get a shot up on my blog later this afternoon!

Laney said...

ROFL, Amy! No further comments please! LOL!

andie said...

OH, AMY! ROFL. The electrician here thinks I'm quite mad, covering my mouth snorting and trying desperately not to fall out of my chair.

Donna Boucher said...

Those are some fine looking sandals and actually cute tootsies.

No Crocs here....


Heidi said...

Sorry about not having the Crocs posted when you came by my blog. We got called away to help some friends with a little carpentry project...I will have to post about that one later....but the Crocs post is there now!

J-Lynn said...

I'll post my pedi'd toes in my nasty rag sandals if you'd like. Hey, don't know them - I know Jesus didn't have Crocs. LOL

THey are lovely though.

My kids and I can't stop singing the "Sanjaya" song.

andie said...

OKAY I think I've behaved very well up to this point. I have a serious foot-creepy-phobia issue and please Laney please, please puuuhhllleeeze snap a picture of anything else...anything. PUUUHLEEZE.


I meant, of course, Hi, Laney! Miss you blogging! Hope you're well, come back soon!

Dy said...

I think, Andie, she's trying to prove her point in her previous post about bad blogging relationships. She ignores us. She makes us stare at her feet. And yet... we keep coming back. Some of us pretty regularly... (And she never even called me, like she said she would! *sniff*)


melissa said...

Is this some sort of study?

Are you tracking how many times we check back here?

Well, how rude to leave your feet up there.

Are you done? Are you quitting? Seriously.....I must know....I need to know.

gina said...

Ahh, it's like I've never been away. :) I've read the few posts until this one and WOW- little man indeed. I take it you're not in Jersey anymore, or are you? and last bought not least I was the world's biggest CROC hater until 2 days ago, when I slipped one on my foot in the store and had to buy them for my trip to Florida -(leaving tom.)they are COMFY! Talk to you again soon I hope!